Thursday, 1 October 2009

It's October! And other random and obvious observations

I can't believe it. Where has the year gone?! But I do believe I've had enough 2009, thank you very much. We can have holidays now, please. Although I must admit I'm not particularly keen to be around for the 2010 World Cup insanity next year. German tourists in socks and sandals I can deal with. But South African marketers playing the soccer card to it's death are old news already. And it's bound to get worse.

In other news, my home internet is up and still running smoothly. Seeing you can't have everything at once, the work line is now making up for things by moving at the pace of a tortoise on tranquilisers. Joy.

A dear, dear friend of mine from varisty days has just started his own blog and needs to get to know the ropes and some lovely internet folks, so please go give him some comment love over at Tittle Tattle. He and I will both appreciate it.

Taste of Joburg is tonight. Woo hoo! Bring on the yummy goodness. My stomach is growling in anticipation. Or in reaction to those Neurofen monster-pills I mentioned yesterday. Not sure which.

Right... Let me see how long it takes to publish this post on afore-mentioned super-unspeedy internet connection. Bye.


boldly benny said...

I said to a colleague that October always freaks me out - so much to do before holidays... but I am very excited for those holidays :)

Helen said...

I can't believe it's October already...

And maybe the slow pace of the internet is to make us appreciate it when it works? Or to decide what is WORTH waiting for?

Enjoy the Taste of Joburg!

Anonymous said...

Yay October, it's nearly my Birthday!

All day on 5fm they have this advert that goes something like this:
"Where your 2010 soccer shirt on fridays to work, to support S.A soccer"

Ooooooh I must go get a soccer shirt lol not!!!

Enjoy Taste tonight!

Damaria Senne said...

It's the Christmas advertising that happens in October that freaks me out, cos I always feel like October is too early and the retailers are being too greedy encouraging the festive madness.

phillygirl said...

Yay, Hope you have an *awesome* time at Taste tonight :) Looking forward to hearing about it tomorrow!

po said...

My aunt in Durbs is coming to visit the UK during the world cup cos she reckons doing anything will be impossible round that time. I think it would be really fun to be there then. Maybe we should swop.

Slyde said...

this was generally a pretty crappy year for me, work-wise. i'm anxious to start fresh too..

Anonymous said...

Something about the ADSL line at home that makes my heart smile. After having to deal with the Wireless at school which has only one good spot in terms of internet rage... I really appreciate the luxury and comfort of one at home :)

SonnyVsDan said...

tortoise on tranquilizers! LOL!

Spear said...

Ja, we are still going to get the soccer card till we puke! As to one of your posts below, I really took trouble to find something which rhymes whith orange skin, but couldn't find any, not even with's wildcard functionality

Tamara said...

Benny: Totally. I see the Christmas decorations in-store and I start to panic ;-)

Helen: Wise and annoyingly true!

Roby: Cool! When's your birthday?

Damaria: I agree ;-)

Philly: I did, thanks.

Po: Best idea *ever*. Swap it is!

Paula: Yep. Only my work and home lines seem to be in cahoots.

SvD: Glad it got one laugh!

Spear: Hehe... I aim to dazzle ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's on the 12 October, this coming Monday. Monday is like the worst day to have your B-day oh well