Tuesday, 27 October 2009


TSC has managed to lose our one and only set of garage keys. I have been telling him for ages to get spares cut. I guess now that we have to change the whole freaking lock (having broken in to the garage from the back window), at least we will have more than one set.

Also, the web-based system I use to capture data for one of my clients is "experiencing technical problems". Basically, I typed out a whole bunch of info into the millions of separate data fields and then when I tried to save it, it failed and everything is lost.

NOT in a good mood.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your mood; here's a joke:

What's iron man's brother's name?
Iron Bru

Wahahahahahaha always cracks me up. Hope your mood lifts.

Ches said...

Tam, i know it's not like you to swear, but have a good scream and say f#ck a few times ;)

It might help?

Anonymous said...

O and graci(?) for the e-mail. I take years to reply to anything. My sisters are SO irritated by that habit.

Thanks Pud!

Tamara said...

Paula: That is SO bad that it made me smile.

Ches: Hehehe... I plan to do something similar when I drive home today. Scaring the hawkers at the robots is sure to cheer me up.

Tamara said...

Paula: No prob. Wasn't expecting a reply ;-)

Being Brazen said...

Hope your day gets much much better


po said...

Hmm, when a day starts like that the best strategy is to run screaming :)

Forever Feline said...

Not good!
I despise the phrase "experiencing technical difficulties"
Hop eit improves soon :)

Helen said...

That's so annoying! I guess at least now you'll have spare keys?

I hope your week gets better soon!

Tamara said...

Brazen: Thanks. Makes two of us.

Po: I agree. Or getting back into bed. Wish the latter was an option.

Forever Feline: I know! They might as well wave a red flag at a bull.

Helen: Yes, I'm trying to look at the silver lining. Keep getting distracted by the thunderbolts though.

Damaria Senne said...

Aw, sorry Tamara.
@paula - that is soooo bad, I laughed. thanks.

boldly benny said...

Oh my WORD I wouldn't cope with that! I suggest a chocolate steri stumpie and possibly buying yourself something, although lately I don't need a reason to do either :)

Meriel said...

oh dear - when you in a better mood and want to rub your red pen over my prose please send your email addy to me at merielb@searescue.org.za thanks xx

Slyde said...

ack! losing keys is one of the world's worst feelings :(

Louisa said...

You'll probably find the missing garage key now that you're not looking for it anymore? ;-)

tattytiara said...

Two sympathetic winces reading that. Yeowch whatta day.

SonnyVsDan said...

i hate when that happens, but roses are still red and the sky is still blue..well, it is here anyway

Don't Believe a Word I Write said...

Good god! Tell me your day improved after this????

Tamara said...

Damaria: Hey - it happens to the best of us.

Boldly: I wish I had the money, but there's just too much month left at this point.

Meriel: Have done ;-)

Slyde: Ja, along with needing to sneeze but not being able to. That sucks eggs.

Louisa: Yup - now that we have new locks that won't fit it, I'm sure we'll find the key soon.

tattytiara: Winces much appreciated ;-)

SvD: Actually, our sky is very grey today. But I'm in a much better mood anyway ;-)

DBAWIW: Hehe... it did. I arrived home to find a big box of Ferrero Rocher (sp?) choccies from TSC. Easiest way to fix things ;-) Also the locks were sorted.