Monday, 5 October 2009

Back I am!


Just wrote a looooong post, but it's all aggro and stuff, so I'm going to leave it in my drafts for a while before I decide whether to publish it or not. It's once again about babies, offspring and other people's expectations. And that's all been said before. Besides which, it's always a sensitive subject. Right now more than ever on the blogosphere.

So publish it now I will not. But read your blogs I will.

Expect a proper post tomorrow. Maybe.


Paula said...

Well T. I'm kinda looking for rather mindless drivel at the moment... about things that kinda sorta matter but leave me inspired... so... I guess, I like that you considered the reading environment on the blogosphere. It was nice to read... oddly.

But you know we don't mind rambling and moaning about work/love/life...? Thats what we, occasionally, blog on too.

Don't believe a word I write said...

Publish it!!

Miss Caught Up said...

Yes, please publish it. It would be nice to read your perspective on this subject.

Susan said...

Hmmm. babies--offspring----never a dull subject.

Louisa said...

It's not good to bottle up. ;-)
Hope I'm not on your shit-list?

Spear said...

By choice we waited 10 years for to have a baby, not by choice we waited 6 months more.

Everybody thought there was something 'wrong' with us. In the end it started bugging Lamb. I got so tired of it all that I started telling everyone that I shoot blanks. People stopped bugging us then. (I am not suggesting you do it! Just I know how insensitive people can be)

angel said...

I hear you!
Letting it stew a little in drafts is never a bad thing.

Tamara said...

Nothing like peer pressure... It's published.