Monday, 19 October 2009

Happiness and

*happy sigh*

It was a good weekend. TSC and I went to one of the nicest weddings we've ever attended and danced so that my feet still ache three days later. We met new people and watched our amazing friends celebrate the decision to spend their lives together. We ate good food and marvelled at the beauty of the venue. We plotted to kill their annoying peacocks (seriously - how is it that wherever I go there are damn noisy peacocks around?!) and took countless photos.

We spent time with my folks over a relaxed Sunday lunch and caught up on their news and snippets from their Russian trip. We enjoyed the sunshine and some great wine and talked for hours.

We studied TSC's varsity subjects together (anyone want to know about the different bedding classes for laying drainage pipes? No? Didn't think so) and watched the F1 race.

Well done to Jenson Button on tying up the driver's championship and Brawn for taking the constructors'. And, of course, well done to my boy Hamilton for driving from 18th place to a 3rd place podium finish.

And, finally, I got hold of my package from Kalahari that I ordered with my birthday voucher from Angel and Glug, which has been awaiting collection from the Post Office.

So exciting to get a package in the post! Made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning, even though I knew what was inside the box. I got a small bird guide (so I can figure out which birds my cats keep trying to kill), a LIVE CD, and... the book I have been hankering after since it was published, Jane's Delicious Garden.

For those of you who are not gardeners, excuse me while I sing the praises of this fantastic book. It's rare for me to find a non-fiction work that speaks to my soul, but this one does. Nerdy as that sounds. See, most gardening books are quite factual, scientific and logical and they seem to miss the absolute magic of watching things grow and the way a green garden produces peace. Jane Griffiths understands this.

She writes logically and factually, but the pages are also filled with gardening quotes, personal anecdotes and an underlying passion. From the first sentences, where she tells of how she used to pull carrots from the ground, wash them under the garden tap and enjoy them right there in her grandfather's garden (which is exactly what I would do in my grandpa's garden), I have been captivated.

I can't wait to get some reading time this evening!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Off to download my photos and get some Monday admin (yuck) over with. Have a good one!


Being Brazen said...

Sounds like a fab weekend!

Have a great monday x

Paula said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your weekend.

OOOOOh I love hearing about weddings and I am, in fact, writing an article for a wedding mag. Due today. Which I have been putting off. Darnit.

Anyway. C ya.

LOL my word verification is unsuc. So if you don't suc you unsuc. LOL.

sarah said...

i love getting packages in the post!! love it! especially when they contain RUSKSsssss. mmmm

sigh but sometimes the packages from home dont reach me here. some tannie in the SA postal service swipes them.

Stephanie said...

sounds like a really good weekend!! And that gardening books sounds really good! she should put that review on the back cover :) it makes me want to read it!

Wenchy said...

Shame, nobody remembers poor Webber. LOL I was also thrilled with Hamilton. :)

Damaria Senne said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

angel said...

Yay! I also love parcels!!!
It sounds like a glorious weekend T.

po said...

Ooh Live! Love them! No one has heard of them in England. Weird. Yay for Hamilton. I like him cos he comes from the town my parents currently live in. That's the only reason really cos I don't watch F1!

Laura said...

Random - I also bought a Live CD with the voucher Angel and Neels gave me :)

That wedding sounds like my brothers - so glad you had fun!

And I am really interested in the drainage pipes - think you should blog about them!

Ches said...

Great to hear you had a good weekend, Tam. Jenson raced like a machine! Wish Mclaren would get rid of that boring, useless Fin.

Tamara said...

Brazen: Thanks.

Paula: Well, better unsuc than suc, I say ;-)

Sarah: Haha... I think almost every SA Post Office has a package waylayer ;-)

Stephanie: It is a good book. Pity it's not available in Brazil ;-)

Wenchy: Webber did good! But shame, I felt bad for Reubens. I would love to see him do well in front of his home crowd.

Damaria: It was!

Angel: Thanks again - it was such a cool present idea!

Po: Silly Brits. They don't know what they're missing out on ;-

Laura: Weird! Hahaha... I'm not sure who it would bore more if I posted about the drainage pipes - me or you!

Ches: I hear you! Shame, he's a sweet boy but he lacks the champion spirit. I say replace him with Nico Rosberg.

Meriel said...

what about a post on what makes one particular wedding so fabulous.

Tamara said...

Meriel: Welcome! Good idea. Will have a go at that.