Thursday, 8 October 2009

Random thought streaming

Here's what's going on in my head at the moment...

  • I can barely keep my eyes open. I wonder why I'm so tired? It could be the bizarre dreams I've been having. Last night's was like an episode of House. It was totally bizarre, I remember that. I can only remember bits of it though. Like desperately wanting to slap Hugh Laurie.
  • My motivation levels are somewhere between zero and nonexistent at the moment. End-of-year-itis has definitely set in. Must fight it! If only my current subject matter was more inspiring. *sigh*
  • We have peacocks in our complex again. I don't know where they're from or why they're back, but I wish they would shut up. It's hard to sleep with their persistent noise, which sounds something like a cat in labour. Hey... that may explain my first point too. Peacocks + House = no sleep.
  • Although I am so ready for a holiday, I'm freaking out a bit at how little time there is until the end of the year. We're scheduling our end-of-November weekend social events already, because there's just no time left anywhere else in this year. There are so many people I want to invite over for supper or a braai, but just no time.
  • Last night's life group was interesting. We watched a dvd on creationism versus evolution theory. Fascinating stuff. I find that people get too wound up by these things though. I mean, whatever you believe - that there was a big bang, that God created the world in seven days or some mix of those theories - the fact is that earth is here now and we live on it. I can't help but think that we shouldn't get caught up in fighting about how the earth was made, but how to take care of it now. Still, it was really cool to learn more about both theories. I think I'm still a middle-grounder - I believe God created the earth, but how He chose to do it and how old it is and all that stuff... I'm not sure.
  • Why is the first phone call of the morning always from some annoying telesales marketer? It puts a little dampener on my sunshine. I wish I didn't have to answer the phone until after 10am, when my brain is more likely to be functioning. Actually, I wish I never had to answer the phone. I am not a fan.
  • Why am I still the only one in the office this morning? Was there a public holiday someone forgot to tell me about?
  • It's time for breakfast and blog-reading. Today it's going to be strawberries and yoghurt with muesli clusters. Yum!


Paula said...

oooh I also have end-of-the-year-itus but its portfolio time and they've put a twist on ours so that our interest lasts for long enough for hand in. It's two porties so I'll get it done.

I'd love to know what the name of the DVD you got was called... I've always been interested in Creatioinism/Evolution debate- so please could you tell me the name?

I hate being the first at school- its very disturbing not to have the familiar around you.

Telesales marketters are SO annoying!

momcat said...

Hope someone else has actually arrived for work by now but not before you finished your muesli and blogs for breakfast!

Damaria Senne said...

Creationism video sounds interesting. I also had a bit of a problem reconciling God creating the earth vs Darwin's theory of evolution, especially when I was at varsity cos the "right" answer for tests was of course, the evolution stuff. But then, someone asked me if I was certain the length of a day according to God, was the same as the length of 24 hours. That opened up the possibility for me that neither process was actually wrong or inaccurate.

sarah said...

omg i had peacocks when i was growing up... freaking birds!!!! they are the nosiest things in the whole world.

you poor thing!

Ches said...

Peacoks, sweet!

Taste of India right at your backdoor.

po said...

I am fighting my complete lack of motivation too, everything seems like a strugle, and the internet calls me to waste time on it instead of working, kind of like what I am doing right now!

Tamara said...

Paula: I'll have a look and let your know. I think it was called "Amazing Discoveries", but I could be wrong.

momcat: I quite enjoyed the peace for a bit, I must admit.

Damaria: Ja, there's all sorts of interesting arguments about the fact that time as we know it is a human construct and that God is outside of time. Another theory is that if He created Adam and Eve as adults, He could have created the earth old too. Fascinating stuff!

Sarah: I'm thinking Peacock pie ;-)

Ches: Hehehe... you read my mind!

Tamara said...

Po: You're not wasting time! You're making my day by commenting ;-)

See... I can justify all procrastination. It's a gift!

angel said...

Shall I phone you at 6h30, so I'm the first i.s.o. a telemarketer?
Sorry you're not sleeping lekker...

Miss Caught Up said...

Hmmm.. I must have end-of-year-itis year round. :(