Friday, 23 April 2010


Today lots changed in my little world:

I came back to work after being so sick.

My boss broke the news that our company is merging with another agency.

I resigned.

That last one has been coming awhile. I was planning on doing it next week. Certainly not today. But things happen for a reason, hey.

My freelancing is at the point where I have to take it fulltime. I can't fit it into a half day anymore. And now, with my company being part of a big ad agency, I know this is the right time. I've worked in an agency before and didn't enjoy it. I don't want to be back where I started out. Freelancing is my dream.

So, as of 1 June, I will be living the dream.

Hell of a way to start the weekend.

Have a good one. I have to go lie down now.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Status: alive, if not kicking

Hello internet people. Sorry for the absence. I was knocked flat by a most revolting case of gastroenteritis and have been living on meds and dry toast for the past few days. But I'm back now. Just so you know. And I'll be back in the office tomorrow, which is probably a good thing. Cabin fever sucks.

That is all for now.

Friday, 16 April 2010


I'll go for both, I guess.

I had my first good night of sleep in about three weeks last night and my headache has dialed down a notch in severity. In my mind this proves my theory that the headache is sleep (or lack thereof) related. So, methinks it's time to pick up some sleeping pills a little stronger than my usual herbal thingy mabobs and spend some quality time with my pillow. the very idea thrills me.

It's the weekend, baby. Have a good one. I plan to.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Try this trick and spin it, yeah...

And you'll ask yourself, where is my mind?

Seriously. It's gone. My mind, that is. Or was. Or whatever.

Last night I dreamt that I poisoned myself. Not a suicide dream - there was actually some purpose or reason that I had to poison myself, Romeo and Juliet style. Can't remember why, but it all made sense in the dream. Then, in another dream, I was in a play about pirates and policemen. My bit was to storm on stage wearing an eye patch, bang my tin mug on the table and storm off again. I was awesome. You would have cheered and clapped for me.

So, Pixies, where is my mind?

Not on this blog yesterday, obviously, or there would've been a 14 April 2010 post here. There's not. And this is because I could not think in a straight line (or even a curved line. Or dotted line), simply because I had not had enough sleep.

This was not because of bizarre dreams (although there were some), but because I knew I had to get up early to be dressed and ready to leave for a business networking breakfast that started at 7am. When I know I have to get up early, my brain wakes me up every 10 minutes just to make sure that I don't oversleep. Which I didn't. In fact, I just plain didn't sleep, nevermind oversleep.

But, I am back today, lucky you, in all my magic randonmess to tell you about my crazy poisoning dreams and leave you with these interesting thoughts from the inimitable Edward Monkton:

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Jumping on the bandwagon

Ok, so it's more like wearily waving at the bandwagon as it rumbles on by, but who cares?

As the headache is still hanging around, my inspiration is non-existent and everyone else is doing it (probably the real reason), today I'm going to do a question post(Brazen, Po, Sleepyjane and Cam style). Sucker for peer pressure, hey?

Anyway... I am going to ask some questions and you can answer in the comments section. Or not. That's fine too. I just won't love you as much. Kidding! Maybe.

Here goes...

  1. What's the last dream you remember? I dreamt that two of my clients had a meeting and got into a cat fight. It was SO funny.
  2. Favourite take-out? Probably Nandos, of the fast food type places. Otherwise Ghazal's. Yum!
  3. Song stuck in your head? Jack Parow's "Cooler as ekke". I blame Cam. The music video is so funny!
  4. Person you'd most like to smack in the head? Toss up between Malema and one of my clients, let's call him Oblivious.
  5. Language you most wish you could speak? Mandarin Chinese. It would be useful and also sound hilarious coming out my mouth ;-)
  6. Favourite feature on yourself? Probably my hair, when it behaves itself. It's a nice colour.


Monday, 12 April 2010

Weekend catch-up

Hello fabulous people.

It's day 14 of the headache. This is getting ridiculous. I think I may have to actually visit some sort of medical professional now. I can't keep pretending it will go away.

Other than the aching head, things are good. TSC and I had fun at the chocolate-making course this weekend. Pics below. I'm so glad I have a man that's secure enough in his masculinity to come along to women-dominated events like this. But he's as much of a chocoholic as I am, so that may also have had something to do with it.

TSC having (messy) fun painting the moulds with melted chocolate to make filled choccies

Adding the finishing touches to chocolate-dipped Pistachio Turkish Delight. Yum!

The results...
We also had two dinners with two different sets of friends, which was great fun, saw my mom and gran for Saturday lunch before my gran headed back to Mpumalanga, shopped for my grand-dad's 84th birthday present and saw my mom again for lunch on Sun to hand over the presents so she can take them down to Natal next weekend. I even got some work done somewhere in between and TSC watched some rugby.
It was a good and busy weekend although it felt too short. The public holidays in April leave us a bit spoilt and the two-day weekend seemed inadequate, especially for TSC who headed back to varsity today with a barrage of tests and exams lying ahead.
But after that he gets six weeks of holiday, so I must admit that my sympathy levels are not the highest ;-)
Have a good one.

Friday, 9 April 2010


One of the best lines from Slumdog Millionaire.

But I am referring here to my headache, which started last Monday and has continued without pause. And it's still here. So you'll have to excuse me if I don't continue this post. Have to find some painkillers.

Have a fab weekend, everyone. Try to behave yourselves.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Random Thursday thoughts

Joburg is having an identity crisis. It seems to think (or the weather does at least) that it's Cape Town at the moment with four seasons in a day.

Watched 2012 last night. What a waste of time. Blegh. Take every action scene you'd ever expect in an end-of-the-world movie, string them together, make sure you shoot four of each scene, interchanged with touching parent/child close-ups, and you have 2012. I love John Cusack, but what was he thinking?!

It's already Thursday. That's a good thing because tomorrow's Friday, but a bad thing because there was so much more I was supposed to get done this week! Life is so crazy busy at the moment. I'm struggling to keep up with my morning job, freelance load, Makro nonsense and my writing course, which is nearly at its end. *sad face* I've really enjoyed it, but I wish I'd had more time to spend on it. At least I've made some good contacts. We're planning to start a writers group after the course so that we can keep motivation up.

This Saturday, TSC and I are going to do a chocolate-making workshop. I did some years ago and it was good fun, so I'm looking forward to it. Makes for an interesting date ;-)

I have not much else to say. Here's a baffling link for you. If anyone can tell me how this works, I will be forever grateful!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cinephile: (n) person with a passionate interest in cinema

I am now on day nine of a continuous headache. That can't be normal. Anyway, seeing the head is not working so well, here's a post that doesn't require too much brainpower. More one-line movie reviews!

Below are some movies that I think are worth watching that many people I know haven't seen or even heard of. Because I studied film, I am supposed to like all the "classics" like Pulp Fiction, Blue Velvet, The Godfather and Requiem for a Dream. I don't like any of those films. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate what they stand for, all they achieved and so on. It just means that given the choice between one of those flicks and the ones below, I'd pick the non-classics any day.

Cellular This movie never made it to the big screen in Suoth Africa, despite being a great skop, skiet en donder (Afrikaans for kick, shoot and beat up[rude]) flick that consists mainly of great car chases, hold-ups and kidnapping scenes.

Les Triplettes de Belleville This crazy French animation doesn't use many words so subtitles won't be necessary as you are taken on a mad adventure by a squint granny and her fat dog to rescue her cyclist grandson from gangsters in Belleville (which looks suspiciously like New York City).

Memento (This movie has (rightfully) gained an audience in recent years and is now more widely available, so see it if you get the chnace) A remarkable mind-job of a film that showcases the power of editing and Christopher Nolan's talent as a director (I'm betting it was this film that put him i line to direct the latest Batman movies), Memento stars the impressive Guy Pearce as a man suffering from short-term memory loss who uses notes and tattoos to remind himself of the facts in his quest to find his wife's murderer.

Danny Deckchair This loopy Australian film about a man (the awesome Rhys Ifans) who flies away when he ties too many balloons to his deckchair is a great feel-good movie that will lift your mood and make you giggle.

And here are some slightly better known movies that I would make everyone watch if I could, because they are fabulous:

Gattaca Set in the not-too-distant future, this stylish movie explores the idea of prejudice against "imperfect" people who haven't been genetically engineered with beautiful performances by Ethan Hawke, Jude Law and Uma Thurman.

Twelve Monkeys Mind-bending quirky sci-fi movie starring Bruce Willis (and Brad Pitt at his best playing a total nutjob) that actually addresses time travel properly, unlike most other attempts.

LA Confidential The great cast (Kevin Spacey, Russel Crowe, Guy Pearce, Danny DeVito, Kim Basinger and James Cromwell) made this smart script work and the tale of love, murder and betrayal set in 1950s Los Angeles is a pleasure to watch.

The Usual Suspects With Kevin Spacey, Gabriel Byrne and a truly clever plot, this movie about a gang formed in a police line-up couldn't go wrong.

Snatch The ultimate Guy Ritchie movie (better than Lock, Stock; Rock 'n Rolla or any of his other movies), this film is the perfct mix of action, humour, lunacy and amazing editing skills.

Contact I have a penchant for sci-fi movies that aren't full of aliens and really make you think, like this beautifully made Jodie Foster / Matthew McConaughey flick.

Short Circuit Sweet 1980s movie about a robot that is electrocuted and develops a mind (and personality) of its own... "Number 5 is alive!"

Casablanca (This is a classic and yet many of my friends won't watch it because it's in black and white. Silly!) Dramatic and enduring love tale set in Morocco that has inspired scenes in movies ranging from Star Wars to When Harry Met Sally (Google it if you don't believe me).

Waking Ned Hilarious movie about two old men who convince their entire town to play along with an outrageous plan when a friend dies holding the winning lottery ticket.

The Station Agent Sweet and simple movie following three new and very different friends (one of whom is a dwarf) as they get to know each other and walk the local train tracks.

And, just for kicks, has anyone seen this movie? Because it did my head in and I would love to swap notes:

eXistenZ Bizarre (!!!) movie starring Jude Law and Jennifer Jason Leigh as two gamers who hop from game world to game world followed by a shaggy dog and a gun made out of chicken bones.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tuesday thoughts

  • It feels like a Monday.
  • I forgot that I have a big meeting this afternoon in Alrode South. I better get out my map book (haha... whatever. Thank goodness for Gloria, my GPS).
  • Easter eggs get better every year. This year my mom managed to find ones with orange creme centres, my favourites.
  • I don't get the fuss about Alice in Wonderland. How to Tame Your Dragon, on the other hand, now that's a fab movie.
  • The weekend was good. I got to see some awesome people (Angel, Glugs, Phillygirl and Louisa) and meet a new addition to the crew (beautiful little Nicola, Louisa's baby girl).
  • My family are awesome, albeit loony. See exhibit A (my brother) below.

  • My pics of my chocolate-making ventures were not brilliant (see exhibit B below)

  • The Pantry-Cleaning Moth Apocolypse Mission yesterday was draining. We still have to put the shelves back up and pack everything back in. Joy.
  • 4-day weekends are the best thing ever.
  • I still feel the urge to have an even number of bullet points.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy April Fool's Day

May the pranks that are played on you not be too nasty. Anyone have any they'd like to share?

If not, read up on some of the world's best here. My favourite is the 1957 BBC Panorama piece on Switzerland's little-known spaghetti harvest!

I took pics of the chocolates we made last night and even remembered the camera cable for a change. But I forgot the camera at home. Chop.

Will post them later.

I leave you with this comic, from Toothpaste for Dinner, which could do well as a Windhoek ad: