Friday, 23 October 2009

Friday and minor panic

It's Friday! And it's 23 October! And that means it's only eight weeks till Christmas! Eeep!

Ok, enough exclamation marks. They are exhausting. *wipes sweat from brow with dramatic gesture*

I'm so glad it's the weekend (it has been a boring week). But at the same time, I'm freaking out that I don't have another weekend completely free until... next year. Good grief! (ok, one more exclamation mark)

That's a bit hectic.

It's all (mostly) good stuff. But still. I like spontaneity. And this is not leaving much room for it.

But, in happy news... We're going to see CATS this weekend. Yeah! (oops - again) I'm so keen. The church is taking us as a thank you for the work we do on the ushering team. Other than that, TSC is getting tutored in maths by a friend and then I'll be drilling him on two other subjects (communication and management) in preparation for another hectic week of tests and exams.

I'm hoping to have some garden time too. My soul needs it.

right now I'm bopping along to some awesome 80s and 90s hits on the giant exercise ball I use at my desk instead of a chair. Lionel Ritchie, Cyndi Lauper, Richard Marx and Belinda Carlisle. Woo hoo... I wonder how long I can bounce with my feet not touching the ground before I fall over?

Hah... Just answered that question. Not long.

Have a fabulous weekend, super people! (one last exclamation road for the road)


Anonymous said...

It's 9 weeks until Christmas so hope you feel better having an extra week :) 2 months, but 9 weeks :P

Sass said...


Thanks for the reminder.


I'm gonna go put my Christmas tree up, now.

Louisa said...

It really is scary how this year is zipping past! (!! just for you!!)

I went shopping today for a halloween outfit and the christmas stuff's already out and about (!once more with feeling!).

po said...

Haha I love those exercise balls! I am obviously listening to the wrong music, I should be listening to all the stuff you mentioned, then maybe I would have an exclamation mark attack too!

Damaria Senne said...

have a fabulous weekend. enjoy cats.

Helen said...

You sound really happy, if in need of some peaceful garden-time!

Enjoy he exclamation marks! Life's too short to scrimp on punctuation!



Bagman and Butler said...

I love exclamation points (also parentheses)-- and dashes.

Paula said...

Ergh, I don't quite like Christmas much but I enjoy the break a lot. I like the break a lot.

Cats looks awesome; I hope you have fun and that the weekend was better than you expected on Friday.

super LOL at the last bit of your blog- so cute! (falling off your bouncing ball)

Tamara said...

Anon: Strangely, that does ease the panic slightly ;-)

Sass: Hehehe... Be sure to post a pic!

Louisa: I know! (there I go again) Woolies has full-on Christmas trees and stockings all over the show. Hectic.

Po: Bothing like Take My Breath Away to bring on an exclamation mark attack ;-)

Damaria: Thanks!

Helen: Good point... !!!!!!!!!! (how extravagant of me)

Bagman and Butler: If I had to pick I'd go for the dash - so useful (proves her point).

Paula: You have no idea how often that happens, actually ;-)