Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I have a new ADSL router!

Which means home internet is up again. Which means that after a busy, rubbish day yesterday, I am calmer today.

And my tickets to Taste of Joburg ARE for Thursday. I was right the first time. Not sure how I ended up convinced they were for today. I think it's because I thought it started on Thurs, then found out it actually starts tonight, so assumed that our tickets were for the first day. *sigh* Senior moment.

Feeling a little down today (probably the weather and lack of sleep), so thought I'd list some of my reasons to smile:
  • It's pay day!
  • I just discovered that Neurofen makes a nice uber-strong period pain pill. That should assist in lifting the mood at certain times of the month.
  • I have a new router. I know I said this already, but now it's a Telkom one, so if I have problems and call their help line, they might actually know how to help me (as soon as they hear you have a private modem, they're not interested).
  • We're going to Taste of Joburg tomorrow and we can make life group tonight. Planning on showing the group an interesting DVD, so glad we won't miss the discussion. And popcorn!
  • Our new once-a-week gardener is brilliant! He works hard and does a neat job so I can do the things I enjoy in the garden on weekends instead of the hard work (which I was doing with the previous gardener who hardly ever lifted a finger).
  • I sent out my invoice for the big project that was stressing me out so mych a few weeks ago, so should get paid for my efforts soon.
  • Roo is back today (she was off for a religious day yesterday) so the office is less deadly quiet.
  • I have the most awesome husband I could wish for - despite my foul mood yesterday (I was so snappy with him when he was trying to "help" me set up the new router), he still agreed to come with me to the church new members' evening and work onmy laptop in the background, just so we could have a bit more time together. And when we got back, he ran us a hot bath and helped me clean up. He is truly the best.

Yay... feeling a bit better just reading all those things.


Ruby said...

My friend i miss you!!!!
I like the fact that you can still make a list of all the positives even when you're in a crabby mood...funny how seeing that list makes you feel better huh? Oh, and i totally adore Neurofen too:P *hugs*

Hayley said...

Agree with Ruby, good for you that you see the good things!

Louisa said...

Aaaah, nothing connects quite as nicely as a brand new router.

I'd love to get my hands dirty with a bit of gardening soon - but at the moment I am supposed to approach it with gloves, and that just takes all the fun out of it for me.

boldly benny said...

Sounds like a lot of good going on - I like that!

Godfrey Senne said...

Thanks for the reminder that there are good things happening, even during tough times.

po said...

OMG you only discovered Neurofen now? How did you survive all these years wothout Neurofen? It is the only stuf that ever works for me. You must be tough!

Tamara said...

Ruby: Dude... I need my fix. When are we going to make a plan to catch up?

Hayley: I try ;-)

Louisa: Totally - getting dirty is half the fun!

Benny: Yup. Must just keep looking at all the awesomeness, not the crap stuff. It really works for me.

Godfrey: Welcome! And it's a pleasure.

Po: I have always used Neurofen (not strong. Am totally pathetic), but just discovered the ones specifically for Period Pain. Double the strength. Rock on!

Miss Caught Up said...

Can't wait to hear about Taste of Joburg!! :)

angel said...

It is a nice list innit?