Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The keys to keeping us frustration-free

So the garage saga is sorted out. We have new locks on both doors and spare sets of keys for each. It has been an expensive little exercise.

The thing is, I really should have gone and had the keys cut myself instead of nagging TSC to do it. Brilliant as he is at DIY, keeping me warm and taking out the garbage (among other things), he is USELESS with keys.

The other day at varsity, he spent ages stressing out because he thought he'd lost his car keys. He unpacked his bag three or four times, checked his pockets over and over and retraced his path a few times.

Then he found them in his lunch bag with the remnants of his sandwich.

Another day, he borrowed the keys for the squash courts to have a game with a friend. At UJ, if you get the keys, you have to hand your student card in to the keeper in exchange. So when he wanted to get his student card back, he started hunting for the keys. He hunted. And hunted. And stressed. And unpacked the bag, checked the car etc, etc. Do you know where he eventually found them?

On his head.

No lies. He had put them in his cap so as not to lose them, and when he stuck it back on his head, the keys were still inside. I dunno how he walked around all day without feeling them there.

Funny man. He once also left our car keys on the backseat of my parents' car after we'd been out with them. They left for a holiday the next day with our keys still in their car. We had to borrow their other car for the week.

In short, I think I should be the keeper of the keys. I tend to lose tickets and jewellery, not keys. So TSC should keep those (Well, not so much the jewellery. Most of my earrings suit me better) ;-)

So my dears, that I have decided is one of the keys to keeping us argument-free. Har har har... yuk, yuk, yuk.

Have a good one!


Being Brazen said...

Im also a way better "keeper of the keys" than The Boyf.

Ps - answered your question in my blog comments :)

po said...

Hehe awesome post, can't believe he found his keys on his head, that is hysterical!

I am a terrible key person, I left my keys in my door countless times in Cape Town. Or I just left them in my room if I had a Yale lock and would have to break in. I kept a spare key above a small window which I left open, for such eventualities, and used to climb onto the roof and retrieve it. Cunning!

Problem: the BFG is no better than me. Who shall be the keeper of our keys? We are DOOMED.

Anonymous said...

pahahahhaaaa. i CANNOT believe that he lost his keys on his head. that made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

LOVED this post. Giggled the whole way.

Weirdly though I can relate to it because I am generally lost in my brain... so, you get it. Most of the time I leave my things lying around and someone will ALWAYS test whether I notice if they are gone or not... most of the time I only notice when they return them.

which is bad.

Damaria Senne said...

I'm also not a naturally good keeper of key. So I gave my neighbour a set in case I lose/forget my set.

Wenchy said...

You are now the keeper of the key bokkie.

Jeanette said...

LOL he sounds like me :)

angel said...

Teehee... I also think you'd better keep the keys.