Friday, 16 October 2009

Pic post

Firstly, here are the long awaited hail images...
A hail stone in the palm of my hand

TSC pointing at the hail (in case I hadn't noticed it)

To show the scale...

And my feline creatures, just because they're gorgeous:

Sapphire, imitating a rubber band

Marble, giving me his opinion of my photography (the cat version of the middle finger)

Have a great weekend.


Louisa said...

Sjoe! That's quite a lump of ice - how is your garden doing after its beating?

Being Brazen said...

Big hail stone - wow!

Cute kitty pics

A Cuban In London said...

'imitating a rubber band'. Hahaha! Oh, flights of the imagination! You're full of them. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

That hail is INSANE.

Damaria Senne said...

have a great weekend too.

po said...

Mini snowballs!

BecauseIcan said...

Cute Kitties!!!

Anonymous said...

Sjoe, where was I in this hail storm?! Woah.

sarah said...

jeez those hail balls are pretty damn massive. would hate to get conked on the head by one or two of them

my brothers worst nightmare.he`s like - `my car!!!`. hahaa. little girl.

Helen said...

Oh wow! I'm glad I missed it! I hope your new garden-beds survived it ok?

And the cats are gorgeous!

Tamara said...

Louisa: Surprisingly well, actually. I was impressed. Hardy little plants.

Brazen: Thanks ;-)

Cuban: Thanks. I think? Hehe... greetings back at you from South Africa.

Jackson Files: Totally!

Damaria: Ta :-)

Po: Only much harder!

BecauseIcan: Aren't they just? *proud mommyish smile*

Paula: Obviously not on the roads!

Sarah: Sounds like most boys ;-)

Helen: Thankfully the garden beds are ok!

angel said...

Holy mackerel those are big hailstones!

LURV the cat photos!!