Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Rocking our leggings and side ponytails

What a weekend! Friday and Saturday flew by preparing for our 80s event on Saturday evening, which was a total blast! Aside from a few no-shows and last minute cancellations (grrrr), it was fabtastic.
My Rubik's cube cake turned out quite nicely, along with the neon decor. See below. The punch was also a hit.

I painted big stars on a piece of polystyrene with neon fabric paint and spattered some on a black plastic tablecloth. We borrowed a UV light, stuck some glow in the dark bits on the windows and this was the oh-so-80s result...

Here's me in my 80s kit (pity you can't see my leggings, rah-rah skirt, luminous pink legwarmers and uber-long glitter false eyelashes in this pic)... I borrowed the glasses from some-one else for the photo. I reckon I should've kept them - they're so cute and sparkly ;-) Those long-dangly earrings were also glow sticks.

Sunday was spent tidying up. It's weird how people always find really odd places to stash their empty beer cans. We found wine bottles in the garden, paper plates in our kitchen sink, bottletops in the guest loo and general mess all over the show. But the cleaning went more quickly than expected, so we were ready to work our double shift at church on Sunday evening. My poor feet are aching after all that rushing around the whole weekend long.
One of my darling best friends spent the night on Sunday so she could help man the phones in the office on Monday while everyone else was out at a tradeshow. It was great to catch up with her while I worked before dashing off for the usual Monday meetings. Blegh.
Worked till 9.30 last night on a big deadline and off to do more of that now. Ticking bits of this project off my list helps me to lower the stress levels slightly and avoid meltdown.
Have a great week, people.


Ches said...

HA HA...classic!

Hope it was fun Tam.

po said...

What an awesome cake, you look so cute, it looked fun.

Helen said...

Seriously, I am such a fan of the glowy stars!

It was awesome (for my short visit) and totally worht the scary driveway/road! Thanks for the invitation!

Being Brazen said...

Love the cake and your outfit sounds like it was totally rad ;)

Jeanette said...

Love the cake!! Wow!! Glad the party was a hit

Kris said...

haha that cake is awesome!

angel said...

The party was great fun T! I am super impressed with your cake!

Slyde said...

that cake is aces!

would you believe i STILL have my rubkicks cube that my mom got me for christmas back in 83?

Laura said...

That cake is awesome!

Glad it was fun :)

Spear said...

Kudos to you on the cake! The party sounds fun, funner, funnest!

SonnyVsDan said...

epic and respect!

bring back the 80's!

my word verification is "ultro"!

Ruby said...

Dude! we had so much fun:) I loved dressing up:D and you did look totally cute in your little outfit....so glad i didnt have to help clean up the mess...no offence :P

Susan said...

Looking BACK at the 80s feels, well, so old. My goodness. I still can't do that cube thing.

Love the glasses. Addison would go crazy for them.

NiKolaS said...

glad the event went awesomely and you guys had a ball, and a lovely week to you too!

Tamara said...

Ches: It was, thanks.

Po: Thanks. I was chuffed that the cake turned out ok (I have never used fondant icing before so there was potential for a major disaster).

Helen: Thanks for coming!

Brazen: In the most 80s sense of rad, I think it was ;-)

Jeannette: Thanks!

Kris: Thank you for the compliment.

Angel: Thanks - it was quite intimidating to serve the cake to you, queen of cupcakes!

Slyde: With you, I'd believe anything ;-)

Laura: Thanks.

SonnyvsDan: I believe they are coming back in the fashion world. Not too pleased about that.

Ruby: glad you enjoyed.

Susan: Me neither with the rubik's cube!

Nikolas: Thanks, man.

Anonymous said...

how awesome is that cake? sorry we couldn't be there t, next time okay?

Hayley said...

Oh wow. LOVE the cake!!!