Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The REAL signs that spring has sprung

The reasons I know that spring is here have nothing to do with the fragrant jasmine in bloom, the sun staying out a bit longer in the evenings, the fact that I have a sudden craving for crunchy salads or the realisation that I no longer need a hot water bottle to survive in my office. These are the REAL reasons I know spring has arrived:

  • TSC killed the first mosquito last night. The war has resumed.

  • My cats are shedding more prolifically than usual. Everything black in our house is covered in white cat hair and everything white is covered in black cat hair. Sneaky buggers.

  • Magazines are all running their annual "get bikini-ready in 5 easy steps" type of nonsense articles.

  • You can smell meat on the braai (BBQ) on weekends again.

  • My Northern Hemisphere blog friends are moaning about the onset of winter.

  • People are showing their Lily-white legs (mine are unfortunately always that pale, even in mid-summer).

  • People are phoning me earlier in the morning.

  • My colleagues are wearing brighter colours.

  • My heart is pining for Cape Town more than usual.

  • The cats have stopped sleeping on the bed with us.
The shedding culprits, in all their cuteness...


Damaria Senne said...

And in the spirir of your post, I know spring is here because I saw my first lizard of the season, creeping up the wall of my house.

Charmskool said...

I can't think why you are pining for Cape Town - it is freezing here and keeps raining! We won't see much warm spring weather till about November.

Ches said...

Sounds more like summer...i think spring missed us! :)

Paula said...

it is boiling. I've been wearing dresses and I still get hot.

I think its such an interesting thing to notice- the whole: people calling you earlier... I'm going to keep a look out within the seasons.

Laura said...

We have a huge jasmine plant outside along our wall and our house is now constantly fulled with the smell of it :)

LOL on the weekend I thought "wow you can see noone has had sun for a few months" - lots of white legs :)

Forever Feline said...

Ha ha ha! I love your post - all so true! The only thing I cam add is the onslaught of the ants in the cats food bowls.
Happy Spring :)

po said...

Ah the sweet whining mosquito sounds of spring. Whhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiine and cheese that I am in the Northern hemisphere.

Jeanette said...

Thankfully we haven't had mozzies yet. As for teh legs, mine reflect the sun throughout the year, so I hear you on the lily white status

Spear said...

My emotional state (much improved) is my strongest indicator that spring has arrived. All we need now is a few scary Highveld Thunderstorms. Only the weather guru's are saying we are heading for El Niño (boy-child) conditions again. We have had the benefit of milder wetter El Niña (girl-child) for some period now, but it is changing and we are in for a dryer warmer summer.

Don't believe a word I write said...

Too true!
I've been wondering why I have so much more cat hair than usual on my rugs. Your cats are gorgeous!

Tamara said...

Damaria: Yay! I love lizards. We have quite a few tail-less ones on our walls thanks to my cats.

Charm: BUT... CT has the sea, the mountain and the wine farms. No matter how lovely Jozi's weather gets, it never has those things!

Ches: Except it's chilly again today!

Paula: Unless it's just the loopy people in my life who are seasonally affected?

Laura: Loving the smell of Jasmine and the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow plants.

Forever Feline: Ugh... I hate ants!

Po: Well, there's ONE advantage of being the UK. Surely there are less mozzies about?

Jeannette: I keep hoping pale skin will become fashionable!

Spear: So I've heard. I hope we get some storms though - one of my fave things about Gauteng.

DBAWIW: They are. *smiles proudly and prepares to bombard you with photos*

angel said...

Heh heh... my furbabies have also stopped sharing our bed and seem to prefer their donut or the couches.
And my legs are also lily-white ALL year round!