Monday, 7 September 2009

Happy bday to my hubby

TSC turns 25 today, and even though he never reads this blog, I am going to use the chance to gush about him while I have a good reason to be soppy.

Feel free to gag.

TSC and I met six years ago and couldn't stand the sight of each other. Since then, we have both changed a lot and I have come to appreciate the good bits about him. And there are a lot. Here are 25 of my favourite things about my husband on his 25th birthday:

  1. He stuck with me through some of the darkest times in my life, even when I was horrible to be with and totally ungrateful for his support.
  2. When he holds me, I feel totally safe and at peace.
  3. Because I am a social being, he has learnt to be one too. Despite not being big on groups, he has moved from sitting in the corner sulking (he did this at the first bday party of mine he attended) to being a fantastic host and someone who's easy to chat to.
  4. He has the sexiest backside in the world, IMO.
  5. He gets on with my parents and tolerates my brother.
  6. He takes care of me when I'm sick / stressed / upset. If he knows I'm unhappy for any reason, he'll run me a hot bubblebath and pour me a glass of wine. Who wouldn't love someone like that?
  7. Although his family has never been big on birthdays / Christmas / present-giving in general, he knows that mine has and makes a concerted effort to be good at a) giving me bday presents I will treasure, b) getting excited about presents I give him.
  8. Over the years, he has learnt to say 'sorry' after a fight, sometimes even if it wasn't his fault.
  9. He's ready to fight for me if necessary.
  10. After a long day of dealing with difficult clients, I need to vent and he lets me. He even tries (although not very successfully, I have to admit) to remember which client is which and get upset about repeat offences with me.
  11. He thinks I'm gorgeous. And even when I feel hideous, he tells me that.
  12. He smells good, even when he's not wearing his aftershave.
  13. He makes me laugh.
  14. We can have fun doing anything together, from painting the spare bedroom to reading the paper on our veranda like old folks, chatting as we drive, watching DVDs on our couch, grocery shopping or even working out a budget on the back of a serviette.
  15. He has learnt to have an argument with me, rather than bottling things up and never sorting them out.
  16. I think his family still blames me for the fact that he lives far away (even though as far as I'm concerned, that was his own choice in the beginning). While in the past he has not stood up to them for me, he has now made it clear that although he will always be their child, he has a family of his own now.
  17. He feels the same way I do about having kids - not ready to think about it yet.
  18. He hates gardening, but because he knows I love my garden, he diligently mows and waters the lawn for me.
  19. He can cook. And when I can't make supper (like last week, when I was working on that insane deadline), he steps in and cooks for us.
  20. He has the cutest laugh.
  21. He's ticklish, which (seeing he's double my size) gives me an effective weapon against him when he picks me up and slings me over his shoulder ;-)
  22. He never knows the lyrics to songs, so he makes up his own.
  23. We generally agree on movies - what's good and what's not - with a few exceptions. On the other hand, we DO NOT have the same taste in music. At all. But he'll usually agree not to play music that he knows I hate if I'm in the car with him.
  24. He does a lot of the icky chores in the house - taking out the dustbin and sorting out the catbox, for instance.
  25. He's so different to me. We complement each other and balance each other out.

OK, gagfest done.


Ches said...

Funny how that happens...can't stand each at is funny!

Happy Birthday to TSC dude.

thejacksonfiles said...

awwww...true love.

Helen said...

Happy birthday to TSC! I'm so glad you guys found each other and can meake each other so happy! It gives me hope for the rest of us!

Being Brazen said...

Aww, sweet post.

Happy Birthday to your man!

Paula said...

I wish I had someone to swoon over. Lucky you!

Happy Birthday to TSC!

P.S. I didn't gag. I feel like the gag factor goes down when its sweet. So I didn't gag :P Maybe I'm a closet gag-fest... wahahahaha

Paula said...

A closet gag-fest as in I'm gooey and gag-worthy inside but hide it with my tough exterior

allie said...

First visit (from Meriel's spot) - so classify this as a de-lurking comment.
I love the stuff you've found in your man - he sounds like a gem.
Enjoy the birthday celebrations

Louisa said...

An extremely happy birthday to your man...what a great list! :-)

Laura said...

Aww man so very cute :)

Happy happy TSC!

angel said...

What an awesome list! That you can come up with such a long list is simply wonderful.
Happy birthday dude. You're a lucky man.

po said...

He sounds so so good and you really deserve someone like him!

NiKolaS said...

this is so beautiful.

all the best you two, make this partnership rock! :o) i am so happy for you!

sleepyjane said...

Happy belated birthday to him!! :)

Damaria Senne said...

belated happy birthday.