Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Rainy days and Mondays... were fabulous for a change!

Yesterday was great. It didn't start that way, but it was. I got home from the morning-job at about 14.30, spent quite a long while on the phone with various Telkom folk trying to figure out why my internet is still not working (my router is probably the problem, seeing it's a piece of crap that always gives problems). The lights on my router are all on, the configuration hasn't changed, but after six months of being fine, something has gone wrong somewhere and Telkom says it's not them.

With the internet still down, I couldn't get any of my freelance work done. Frustration! But, seeing TSC was home from varsity, we spent the rainy-day late afternoon hours cuddling in bed. Bliss! We only left the house briefly to get pizza and a DVD. The evening was spent in candlelight, with strawberries and a silly flick. It was awesome to catch up and have "us" time.

Today, however, I need to do yesterday's work and today's work, drive through to Centurion to borrow a Telkom router from someone (not shelling out to buy one until I'm sure the problem is actually my router), prepare everything for tomorrow's life group meeting (have asked someone else to lead, still at our house, because we're going to the awesome Taste of Joburg, which I was convinced was on Thursday) and have now been asked to help out at our new members' eve for church tonight. Grr! So not in the mood to be nice to people. Or to go out in the cold (having a lovely rainy spell in Jozi that should be spent in bed, IMO).

I wish every day could be like yesterday. Or that I could photograph the whole day in some interactive format to relish the moments over again. If that makes any sense. It would be a great invention.

Right... off to heat up some left over pizza. That's something to smile about ;-)


po said...

Aw athat sounds like my ultimate day, cuddling in bed with a warm body and watching DVDs. And pizza! Jealousy.

sarah said...

oooh your header is so bright ... sucked me right in

telkom!!! ah how i love to hate you. kinda miss you. but not really

Ches said...

Pollen be gone! I can breathe again! :)

Hayley said...

what a perfect day...lucky you!