Monday, 21 September 2009

The non-weekend and other stuff

This weekend passed by in a total blur. We saw My Sister's Keeper on Friday evening. Blegh. The book was so much better. The movie ending was just not the same.

Saturday I left the house at 8am to help my mom out at a charity fete. I was in charge of the temporary tattoos / stickers / face-painting stall. It was a LONG day. I only left at 4pm, so Saturday felt like it went on forever, but at the same time lile I totally skipped it, if that makes any sense. TSC was at Germiston Dam, racing his concrete boat. His team won "most original boat design", but didn't get far in the heats as their boat is shaped like a paddleski and none of them could stay on the thing (which floated really well). He was there from 7am to 3pm, so he was also pretty exhausted.

We chilled at home and watched The Boat That Rocked - a sincerely strange film. Great moments, but wasn't sure what I thought of it as a whole.

Sunday we had brunch on our balcony - farmstyle omelettes and home-brewed lattes - and then cleaned the house and prepped for a church meeting we were hosting. After that (at 5pm) we left for church, got back, had supper, did TSC's studying (I teach the theory to him, which seems to help. I know all about the construction methods of dams, bridges and tunnels now) and fell into bed at 11pm, dead tired.

And that was the weekend over. I've been given Friday off (Thursday is a national holiday in South Africa) as my boss figures nobody will be around, so I have a very long weekend. I was hoping to go camping with TSC, but he's away on a varsity practical week from tomorrow till Sunday, so I'll be on my own. I guess I'll get some house stuff, freelance work and craft projects done. My only plans thus far are to watch the F1 with Angel and Glug on Sunday.

I need to go and write a motivational 35-minute speech now for my boss to deliver at some conference next week. Coz I'm so good at being motivational. Huh.


Ruby said...

hey friendster! How are you dear??? haven't spoken to you in weeks....terrible of me:P *hugs*

Louisa said...

Mmm...I'd be very suspicious of boats made of concrete. I have a friend who owns a yacht made of concrete - but I still think it's unnatural for that to actually float!

boldly benny said...

Sounds like a heavy weekend but yay that you have a nice long one to look forward to... I wanted to take Friday off but instead I have to work Thursday and Friday! Hope you take some time out and pamper yourself!

Helen said...

Good plan to have Friday off! I hope you manage to relax a little bit!

Damaria Senne said...

Good plan to take Friday off. I wish i could, but a client set up a meeting for that day, and they'll meet even if I send apologies, and then i'll miss out on stuff that could help with my job. grrrrrr!

po said...

Wow, I read My sister's keeper, and found the ending of the book a bit over the top. So I am not sure I could stomach a movie version.

You sure do keep busy on weekends, all I remember is sleeping.

Spear said...

So do you also have special treats for yourself when you are on your own such as the coming weekend to try and make up for being on your own? I cook myself the meals I like, but which Lamb hates when I am on my own.

Don't believe a word I write said...

A motivational speech.
How about an update of the (in)famous 'wear sunscreen' speech/song?

You could start by saying: "If there's one bit of advice I could pass on to South Africans today it would be not live in a complex near Julius Malema."

Obscure? Moi?
Viva long weekends! Doing one myself this weekend.

Slyde said...

another weird review of the boat that rocked...

im STILL not sure if i want to see it or not..

thejacksonfiles said...

ooooh. lucky you. enjoy the long weekend. lucky, lucky you.

Paula said...

I still wanna go see My Sisters Keeper... oddly.

I hope your LOOOOOOOONG weekend was fantastic!

Tamara said...

Ruby: Ah - we are both at fault. Must fix that ;-)

Louisa: I agree. Theirs was made of polystyrene with concrete over it, so that made a bit more sense.

Benny: thanks. Sucks for you not to have time off even on Heritage Day.

Helen: Thanks. I did ;-)

Damaria: Clients, hey. Brilliant at buggering nice plans up!

Po: Only some weekends. My ideal weekend involves lots of sleeping too.

Spear: Totally! I eat shellfish, seeing TSC is allergic to it. Had yummy avo and prawn cocktail while he was away.

DBAWIW: Nice idea. Dunno how well it would go down with the particular audience though. I ended up writing about comic book heroes.

Slyde: See it at 3 in the morning and I'm sure it'll be great.

Jackson Files: Thanks. I did.

Paula: it's not a bad movie. The book was just better. But that's often the case.