Thursday, 3 September 2009

I feel like a new person

My big freelance project is almost over. I have done my bit and the work is now with the 20-odd people I had to interview. While making corrections from all these people and following up so that I can get final copy to send to the magazine will be a royal pain, at least I know the writing is done and the ball is now no longer in my court.

*huge sigh of relief*

Also, things appear to be more stable at the morning job, which is good, seeing I haven't known if the company would survive beyond this month until now.

All in all, I am feeling infinitely better. TSC and I had a relaxed braai at home last night with a bottle of good red wine, my fabulous strawberry and avo salad and some chilled music. It did me the world of good to not work until late in the night and actually unwind a bit.

Now I can concentrate my efforts on preparing TSC's birthday present for Monday. I LOVE organising presents and spoiling people I care about. Oh, and I can also give some attention to my other clients, who have had to take backseat for the past three weeks.


po said...

I am so glad the most stressful parts are over! You survived!

Damaria Senne said...

congrats on finishing the big freelance project. and glad you're feeling more yourself.

Ches said...

Good day New and Improved Tam.

Welcome back!

Hayley said...

Glad to hear you can breathe, its always nice to cross things off a list.

We also decided to have a braai last night, the weather was just to nice not to.

Love the sound of your salad.

Susan said...

I just have to say Tamara, you crackk me up.

South Africa and Costa Rica are perhaps exactly the same....only the monkey are different!

Laura said...

Glad you are feeling calmer and more relaxed :)

Paula said...

Aw I'm so happy life is a bunch of rose for you at the moment!

Spear said...

See, I told you, soon as it is September and spring starts!

angel said...

You certainly sound organised!