Friday, 4 September 2009

10 random thoughts on a Friday

  1. While fruit salad may be the healthiest breakfast option, my body is wired for wanting carbohydrates first thing in the morning. Can't seem to convince it otherwise.
  2. Having volunteered to write the newsletter for the complex where I live, I have met with the trustees to discuss and now have a sinking feeling that my visions of designer formatting and entertaining snippets will be overruled by the trustee's wish for "pick up your dogs' poop" instructions. *sigh*
  3. Law of client probability: the likelihood of all the bits of a project NOT being signed off before deadline is directly proportional to how much crap I will get into if the deadline is missed.
  4. Saying "no" to potential freelance work, even if it means saving myself hours of sweat, blood, tears and possible suicide attempts is really difficult. Especially when the pay would have been good.
  5. Walking through our neighbourhood with TSC, ice-lolly in hand, on a spring evening in the sunshine, marvelling at the gorgeous blossoms on the trees, satisfies my soul at its deepest level.
  6. There are many clients that make me why I picked my line of work, and one or two who make it all worth it.
  7. There are some people who deserve a degree in talking crap they are just so good at it.
  8. I am always slightly terrified at pressing the "delete all" button on my digital camera, even if I know that I've saved my photos to three different locations.
  9. I secretly fear that I will never want to have children. And that it makes me a bad woman. Also, if I were to be unable to have kids for any reason, I think my mother-in-law would see it as the biggest possible failure.
  10. Sneezing annoys me. I wish it didn't. I know people can't help sneezing. But I HATE it. The worst is when I have to sneeze. It puts me in a bad mood. Thank goodness I don't suffer from hayfever.

That's what's going around my head this morning. What are your random thoughts?

Have a fabulous Friday and an awesome weekend!


Damaria Senne said...

Glad to hear you can turn down work. Even if the pay would have been good.
and your fear of not wanting chilren is my normal, and I definitely don't think that makes you a bad woman. Maybe it's because until my early thirties, I didn't want kids either. and then Baby came and I agreed to be her foster mother for a while, and before I knew it, it was 11 years later and now I AM her mother. And it was all worth it, even though there were days when I cried because I didn't know what I was doing. But I had to find that out for myself.

po said...

Deep! not wanting kids does not make you bad. It would be bad to have kids and not want them and pass down your issues to them. But there is such a thing a a biological clock that supposedly kicks in and mkaes women go all weird and maternal and stuff. And you are young, so it might creep up on you. And there is always adoption, something I sometimes think about when I think about all my crazy genes and whether it would be a good idea to reproduce...

But you know all this anyway, I am sure.

Being Brazen said...

Nice list. Im with you on no 9 - Sometimes I feel that way too :)

Have a fab weekend!

Paula said...

Sneezing? You don't like it...? Why? That's so so strange. But I hate it when people scratch their head- annoys me to no end; especially when I hear the sound. ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!

I liked the moment you described with TSC... it sounded like a scene in a movie so it was easy to imagine.

Butler and Bagman said...

I'm really glad you discovered my blog because it prompted me to discover yours! Wonderful observations. I plan to follow your blog now! I never wanted to have children either and didn't worry that it made me a bad man. Of course, I ended up having two from my first marriage and one from my last marriage (happily planning on sticking with this one and don't intend to have another marriage. I'm only annoyed by people who supress sneezes. If you're going to sneeze -- make it loud!

angel said...

Not wanting children doesn't make you a bad woman. Ever.
As for breakfast... I LURV the squished toast that restaurants serve!

Laura said...

Not wanting kids doesnt make you a bad women - some days I dont want kids - FOR REAL!

Random thoughts in my head - hahaha there are so many I have no idea where to begin!

Slyde said...

i work with a guy that, when he sneezes, he sneezes about 6-10 times in a row, one after the other...

it drives me up the wall!

Tamara said...

Damaria: Thanks for sharing! I had no idea that Baby is adopted!

Po: I guess I will have to wait out the annoying "so when are you having kids?" questions that drive me so mad and see if that clock ever kicks in.

Brazen: Good to know I'm not alone!

Paula: I wish I knew. I feel the same way about sneezing as you do about people scratching their heads. But I don't mind the latter. I guess we're just wired differently.

Butler and Bagman: Thanks for stopping by ;-) I say, rather don't sneeze at all!

Angel: Me too on the toast. Ahhh... Wimpy toast is the best!

Laura: Hehehe... I begin on my blog. Keeps me (slightly more) sane.

slyde: Now imagine being married to that person. TSC has allergies, so I live with that!