Friday, 30 May 2008

Queen and such

Yesterday was a miz post, but today is Friday, so I'm much happier.

We went to see the show Queen, It's a Kinda Magic last night. I got media comps, a part of my job that I will miss very much!


Ok, so the first half was completely ruined by the two twit boys in front of us who did not stop talking from the moment they walked in. Being a shorty, even if I couldn't hear them flirting from my seta, the fact that they kept leaning towards each other and obstructing my view really ticked me off. But they didn't return after the interval (probably in some dark corner of the Civic).

So the second half was distraction-free and BRILLIANT. The guy playing Freddie Mercury, Craig Pesco, has a flipping amazing voice. He's not a very good actor, though, so when he talked Freddie had a strong Irish brogue. But the band was incredible - the drummer sang WHILE he played (having played drums, I understand how much skill that requires: not only are all four limbs hitting different things at different times, but you're singing without losing the beat), and all four men were multi-talented, picking up a guitar here and playing keyboard there.

The highlight, of course, was the rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody as an encore. Beautiful!

There was also this mad couple two rows down from us who stood up and serenaded each other at the top of their lungs, arms thrashing wildly, during We are the Champions. They gave everyone around them high-fives and jumped up and down like the energiser bunny on speed. It was very cool.

All in all, I seriously recommend that all Queen fans get their bottoms (and their fat-bottomed girls) to the show ASAP.

Cheers, all. Till Monday when I have Internet again.


boldly benny said...

One of my top moments in life was at the first 46664 concert at Greenpoint statium when Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen teemed up with Bongo Maffin and sang Bohemian Rhapsody - pure goosebumps!

Bridget said...


This was a musical right?

In a theatre?

I hate the theatre, I played on Facebook throughout the Lion King and musicals are the WORST!



Wenchy said...

I am going tomorrow night to see Queen.... now you have me excited!

Glugster said...

I haven't seen Queen yet, but I did see "We will rock you!". Enjoyed it thoroughly.

elizabeth said...

That made me laugh right out loud. I love the crazy couple visual. Would have been perfect if they ended it with a chest slam.

The Mighty Beluga said...

i will ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle to the show with my good old-fashioned lover-boy (i have the feeling i botched that one)

Tamara said...

BB: that must have been awesome!

Bridget: It was more like a concert. You played on Facebook during Lion King?! And missed out on the incredible staging / puppetry?! Ok so some of the cast weren't great, but the sets and stagecraft were astounding.

Wenchy: Hope it was good.

Glug: I heard that was good. But I didn't get comps. So scaly me didn't go ;-)

Elizabeth: I wish you could've seen them - you would have wet yourself.

TMB: ROTFLMAO!Did I mention that when they played Bicycle Race they showed this random video clip of naked women in a cycling race? So bizarre (and probably not too comfortable)!

angel said...

i so wouldn't mind seeing that show...

Tamara said...

Angel: I definitely recommend it. Start hinting to Glug.