Friday, 23 May 2008

Friday post

My heart is heavy today. I really believe that this xenophobia is the scariest thing that's happened in SA in a long time. This is how civil war's start. God forbid that this is the case.

Well, I'm trying to be cheery. It's not really working, but here's a pic that made me smile briefly, which is especially for Kirsten, because she likes ninjas.


BecauseIcan said...

ehem.. I had to ask a work colleague today what xenophobia was.. I felt a little silly when he laughed first before answering..
And afterwards thought to myself..

Am I xenophobic because i hate cockroaches??They are different to me and i hate them because of that.. oh and they creepy crawly and gross..

Maybe too much thinking for a friday.. going to ignore myself now..

Kirsten said...

Hey Tamara!

Thank so much for the sand ninjas - that really brightened my day.

Also stressed about the attacks and I'm just hoping sanity will prevail.

Hope you have a better afternoon.

angel said...

sand ninjas!!?!?

Tamara said...

BIC: No, I think the word for being scared of cockroaches is 'normal' ;-)

Kirsten: Glad you enjoyed. The problem is that sanity seems to have evaporated.

Angel: I know! When I grow up, I'm gonna be a sand ninja.