Thursday, 29 May 2008

A small ball of stress and snot

Please excuse the graphic heading, but that's what I feel like today.

I am sick AGAIN. So tired of it. But i think it's the stress of the past few weeks finally catching up with me.

I have to laugh at myself... In 2006, I finished up my degree, graduated, got married, tavelled overseas and moved house. In 2007, we moved twice, adopted two cats, both resigned, relocated to JHB, and both started new jobs. I swore that 2008 would be my quiet year. Hah!

Man plans, God laughs. In the first half of this year, we've been to the USA, I got a new car, we've both resigned again, he's decided to study, and I'm going to freelance. We're also looking at buying a house, but that's becoming less and less likely. If that's quiet, I'd hate to see hectic.

The past few weeks have been crunch time, with deadlines on my side, his project finishing up, both handing in notice, visiting career counsellors, being sick, finding a new job, reassessing finances , him working overtime all the time and both of us generally being a bundle of nerves and worry.

I feel like I need a holiday. As Boldly Benny says, there's value in getting away. I think I should try to organise a weekend away from everything for the two of us. But, then again, that will cost money. *sigh*

I just feel like there's too much going on right now. Stop the world, I want to get off.

I've now agreed to help my current company out by working four hours for them in the afternoon for the first two months. So I'll be working solid overtime at two very concentration-intensive jobs. It's going to be mad. But I guess I can survice two months.

Sorry that this a very me-me-me post, but I'm really wondering if I'm doing the right thing. So please all chime in and tell me that of course I am.


phillygirl said...

Wow, your life really has been hectic, but I can relate :) And I'll tell you now ... ther's never a quiet year!

Ps. There's a long weekend coming up ... make the most of it ;) You don't need to go far to just be away from home, I've once spent a night at a b&b within walking distance from my house!

MsMozi said...

I think you're doing the right thing - going freelance must be the most awesome lifestyle decision, especially once the ground work is done and you've established a name for yourself. I'm always toying with the idea, but also terrified of taking the plunge.

boldly benny said...

Shame Tamara, sounds like things really are extreme at the moment, but MsMozi said, going freelance is an awesome lifestyle decision and there will come a time when you'll be able to breath easier.

I will say that my life has been non-stop go since I moved up to Jozi over three years ago. And I did some stupid things - like taking on three jobs and running on four hours of sleep daily! Suffice to say I burnt out and I learnt the value of taking time out.

As divine as it is to get away, there are loads of things you can do in Jozi to get out of town for the day that don't cost too much.
You can go to the Lion and Rhino park for the day for a picnic - such fun and not too pricey. You can go for a drive around the Cradle of Humankind and check out the Sterkfontein caves or Aloe Ridge which has beautiful views. You can take a stroll around Rosebank (one of my fav things to do - I get lost in The Space and feel like I'm shopping back home!) Maybe pack a picnic for you and the hubby and just go for a drive.
Like Phillygirl mentioned - there's a long weekend coming up so it might just be the perfect time to chill out!

Slyde said...

i feel like im in the same boat... i REALLY want to get away this summer, at least for just a few days, but the question is 1) can we afford it, and 2) where the holy hell will we find the time?

Bridget said...


That is what you wanted to here right?

Ok, now, GROW UP!

Be scared hun. Fear keeps grounded. Don't be too scared. You've already taken the plunge, all you have to worry about now is how you land. And hun, they will be hills, but you'll find the flatlands!


Gill said...

Going with your gut feeling is so liberating, so go for it! Expect the nerves, accept the nerves and then get out there and make it work for you. (Now if someone could just say that back to me, really loud and forcefully, I'd feel better too LOL!)

The Mighty Beluga said...

whats the point of having a blog if you can't write me-me-me posts sometimes?

get better anyways

Tamara said...

Philly: !!! I totally forgot about the long weekend. Yay - something to look forward to. Yeeha!

MsMozi: Thanks for your words, lady. They're a big comfort.

Boldly: Oooooh! Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm always looking for new things to do in JHB.

Slyde: We should start a fund for burnt-out people needing a break and get people to donate. Nah - they're probably also in our boat.

Bridget: Only you can be bossy, bitchy and incredibly tender at one time. Thanks, B.

Gill: I have one thing to say to you: Expect the nerves, accept the nerves and then get out there and make it work for you.Oh, and thanks ;-)

TMB: Welcome! And you are right. It's my blog and I can cry if I want to. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, that IS busy! :) And of course you are, I'm sure things will be hectic in the beginning but in the long run it'll be for the best no? :) Good luck!

AlasMyDear said...

oh my goodness, what a completely eventful last few years you've been having! no wonder you're sick.

this must be a completely stressful (and uncertain!) period, too. so you're completely justified to a 'me' post, more often than once or twice!

actually, IMO there's no real 'right' or 'wrong' thing to do. apart from the obviously stupid things, like addictions or gambling or things like that, we do have a great deal of leeway living our lives.

and somehow, somewhere, things work out ok in the end. cliched i know, but true. it's just a matter of us hunkering down, adapting to the circumstances, working things out, and having the support of friends and family.

so by all means, do what you're doing now. it sounds reasonable! and some years down the road, we'll all be able to look back on '08 and smile at our young selves.

enjoy the weekend! would a little vacation down to the parents help any, do you think? ;)

sweets said...

if you don't have money to go away, get a tent and stay in the backyard for the weekend... just kidding, it's too cold!!!!

(everything is going to be OK) ;)

angel said...

sheesh... now i'm tired too!
and no worries t- blogging is supposed to be "me me me"!!!