Monday, 5 May 2008

*sigh* five-day work week ahead

After a two-day work week last week (with 3 public holidays, for those who don't live in SA), this five-day one that lies agead seems very long. Especially seeing I have gross phlegmy, achy and generally disgusting flu and have spent the past three days in bed.

What a waste of a long weekend! But at least my bed and I bonded. We spent some quality time together. Usually we don't get enough time alone, what with hubby and two hyperactive cats encroaching on our space. Seeing I'm still coughing up little bits of my lungs (well, that's what it feels like, anyway), I may just return to that dear bed and take my laptop to work from there. Hmmm... That sounds like a good idea.

I leave you with this... an oldie, but a favourite. Take good care of your cats if you live near an Asian take-away joint, people.


Carolyn said...

haha that is fantastic!!
I am also dying at the prospect of a 5 day work week EEK
but nothing that a bit of pizze tonight can't get me thru!!

Tamara said...

Mmmm... pizza!

My spiteful body is craving all things dairy - exactly what a sick mucous-producing person should be avoiding. Yet my brain continues (in Wallace and Grommit style) to shout, 'Cheeeeese!'

Glugster said...

I'm still trying to get into working mode. Will probably only achieve it by Wednesday!

sweets said...

it's a five day working week this week????
i knew this but you just had to rub it in didn't you...
good luck with that cold, sounds horrid :)

Ania said...

Hey truly was an awesome weekend, thank you guys! at the moment i wish i had a wishing well so i could wish that we could be there again, don't want to be @ the office...why do we have to work??? :(
see ya' soon ♥A

Tamara said...

Glug: Wednesday if we're lucky!

Sweets: Hey, it hurts me as much as it hurts you!

Ania: Yay! Thank you for stopping by my blog, lady. If you ever find that wishing well, let me know!

elizabeth said...

mmmmm. Cat. Yum.