Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The follow-up

So yesterday I was waiting.

For what?

Am I pregnant? Nope. Sorry, Bridget. It was also not the day hubby wrote entrance exams. And nor was it about the fact that I was freaking out about leading cell group last night. Which I was, btw.

Nope - I was waiting for confirmation on a job offer.

If you're disappointed, I'm sorry. But this is a big deal for me. I work in a three-person company, so me leaving is 33% of the staff saying cheers.

Furthermore, hubby has just resigned to start studying, so now we're both in flux.

AND... my boss is nearly eight moths pregnant.

My timing could not be worse.

Then again... I'd be working a half day and earning nearly the same salary, and would be able to use the new company's infrastructure (Internet, telephones etc) to freelance from their offices in the afternoon, giving me the scope to start my own business.

Where else would I find the opportunity to start freelancing with the security of a regular salary and full permission to win my own personal clients?

Eish. So much to think about. I hate disappointing my boss and my co-worker, whom I love dearly. But at the same time, opportunities like this don't often fall into one's lap.

So I spoke to my boss this morning. She is, obviously, not so happy. But she's been nice about it, despite her own worries, which I really appreciate. Telling her was my biggest stress - I went through almost half a bottle of Rescue Remedy before broaching the subject.

Now I feel like a big, wobbly lump of jelly.

I've suggested that I work for my current company in the afternoons for the first few months, just to give them a bit of a cushion, but none of us is really sure whether that will work.

And getting my own clients is scary. So if you know of anyone in need of the services of a freelance journo, PLEASE let me know.

Ok, I have to go shiver and shake some more now.


boldly benny said...

Congrats on the new job - sounds exciting. You are very lucky to bag a job that is not only fine with you freelancing but is also fine with you using their equipment to do so.
I managed to wangle it that I could freelance with all my jobs but have to work afterhours so it means high cell phone bills and using my rickety old laptop - hope to buy a newbie soon!
Good luck, the diversity and freedom that freelancing allows you is very exciting!

Bridget said...

All the BEST SWEETY!!!!


Meaninefor leaving boss in lurch!

phillygirl said...

I think that sounds like fantastic news ... and yes, the timing might be scary (with your hubby resigning and your boss almost off on maternity leave) but for you, it sounds like a wonderous thing :)

loyalty is always such a tricky thing but in the end you're the only one looking out for yourself job-wise and sometimes you just have to make a change to fulfill your own personal dreams and goals.

Tamara said...

Thanks, all.

Benny: I wanna be like you-oo-oo! (Jungle Book song by King Louis. Please to excuse my madness, induced by ODing on Rescue Remedy)

Bridge: Thanks, lady. I think.

Philly: Ahh, the voice of reason. Ta for the words of wisdom.

sweets said...

just do it! loyalty is a good thing but jobwise you have to look after yourself, and you will forever kick yourself if you let this opportunity pass you by...

go tam go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Tamara! Good luck. :)

Charmskool said...

Congratulations - this is a wonderful opportunity and they don't come along that often. Grab it and use it well!

Supanova said...
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Supanova said...

Hey Journo! Congrats fo sho! I'm supa glad your boss is being nice about it! My last two employers were so, so HORRID to me when I told them I was leaving! Can you believe it? So I'm seriously happy for you!
I agree with Sweets...if you let it pass you by you'll forever kick yoself... Besides, look at it as a challenge to help you grow as a journo, as a person, as a couple! Besides, you're only young once! Except if you're Chuck Norris. He can be young and old at the same time! LOL... But Kudos for taking a step of faith!

Tamara said...

Sweets: Thanks, lady. Me thinks you're right, but I'm still scared.

Sleepyjane: shot dot.

charmskool: And thank you too.

Supa: You forgot Vernon Koekemoer. He can also be both at once.

Tamara said...

PS: I seem to have accidentally deleted someone's comment. Dunno how. Anyone know how to undo that?

Slyde said...

Good luck with the job thingy... i am in the same boat with my current job, in that i think its time to move on, but i kinda owe these people alot, and i just dont feel right about walking out on them....

angel said...

ooh you are so brave... holding thumbs!!!

Slyde said...

wow... if you leave at the same time your boss goes on maternity leave, that 3rd person is gonna be pretty screwed...

Tamara said...

Angel: thanks, lady.

Slyde: You are NOT making me feel better! I console myself that the company is going through a quieter patch for the next few months.