Friday, 16 May 2008


What do you guys think of nutritional supplements? I'd be keen to know. Yesterday I did an interview with a company that makes them for a profile I have to write, and I've never been keen on the things... All those muscle-building shakes and slimming products really gross me out. I reckon they can't be good for you.

But the dude I was interviewing was telling me about the all-natural weight-loss stuff they make that suppresses your appetite because of the juice of some or other cactus (or something else that wouldn't taste very nice if you ate it), and the multivitamins they produce and so on, and I found mysef thinking, 'Ooooh... I should try that.'

Then I remembered he's in marketing. Like me (for example, the profile I need to write), he gets paid to make things sound good. Hmmm... Cactus? Maybe not.


sweets said...

it's hoodia... the bushmen used it to supress hunger... see i'm a genius :) hehe seriously~ hoodia!

i know it's best to drink supplements but i hate pills and shakes too, so i do buy them and then i put them in the kitchen drawer... ridiculous!

Tamara said...

My vitamin bottles sit, dusty and untouched, on my bathroom shelf, staring balefully at me as I brush my teeth. Most of them have never been opened!

elizabeth said...

I have to admit I'm a bit of a nut for protein shakes. Let me explain the why; I am not a big breakie eater so I started eating power bars but then... in the interest of shaking things up a bit (lol) -- I bought some protein shakes. I blend them with a banana, milk, some yogurt and whatever other fruit I have hanging about. They are so amazingly yummy and pack a punch of energy. I have one an hour before the gym and usually one when I get home... and then I eat several other small meals throughout the day. And I never forget to take my vitamins. :o)

But no strange stuff like catus in there... *shivers*

angel said...

love the toon!
as for supplements... i dunno. i spose if you take one and it makes ytou feel better- then its good for you. every expert (defined as a has-been-drip-under-pressure) has a different opinion.
i don't take anything.

Tamara said...

Elizabeth: You LIKE the taste of th shakes? Weird. But then again... you add a whole heap of other stuff. Just not cactus, apparently. I wish I could remember to take vitamins.

angel: Me neither. I can understand vitamins and stuff like essential fatty acids, but when it comes to things like diet drinks that replace meals, count me out. Who in their right mind would choose a diet shake over a plate of home-cooked food for dinner?