Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Daydreaming of my duvet

I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. My dear demented cat, Marble, went missing. He's a house cat and only gets to go out when we're home, so we usually know where he is. He's back now (he arrived at 5am this morning in the pouring rain), but between my lack-of-sleep headache, the miz weather and the flickering flourescent lightbulb, I am twitching like I've been plugged into an electric socket.

My monitor seems to be reaching out to me through the glass and then swirling itself around while flashing a bright white light. Soon it will start singing... "Lucy in the sky with diamonds..."

Hmmm... I guess this is kind of what tripping on LSD feels like. Anyone with experience wish to comment?


dizzblnd said...

LOL! Yes, I am experiencing almost the same. My husband just started working nights again. I don't sleep well when he's not here. He came back about 6am.

I tried to go ack to sleep.. but this strange voice from the vicinity of my computer desk was calling (come stroke me with your fingers, come stare into my eyes.

The addict that I am... gave in.

I am glad your kitty is back, that is a horrible feeling to have a missing pet.

momcat said...

Not with LSD but yes with missing cats. And not with good results either. Sometimes I found my kitties dead or they went missing altogether. So glad Marble is back. Be careful letting him out at night and try to call him back in after a little while. Sorry you're feeling fragile today - Look after yourself.

Being Brazen said...

That sounds crappy - but glad your cat is back :)

I feel a bit out of it today too - but thats due to all the carpet glue sniffing.

Being Brazen said...

mad hatters tea party sounds awesome...pity about the distance...

Lets just have an imaginary tea party. We seem spacey enough today for that.

Tamara said...

dzzblnd: Jezebel machines. It is horrible to have a missing pet!

Momcat: Ja, I've found one of my previous cats dead too. The worst feeling. That's why I'm so over protective with my babies now.

Brazen: Would you like a biscuit with that?

po said...

love that cartoon!

Blggers seem to be showing a lot of interest in hallucinogenics lately,is this a trend?

I am glad your kitty is ok though.

Kitty Cat said...

All I know is that computer screens and fluorescent bulbs leave my eyes twitchy!

Slyde said...

i just cannot seem to escape twitter..

i just dont get it..

Tamara said...

Po: I too am glad that' he's ok. As for hallucinogenics... I would not know. We should investigate ;-)

Kitty Cat: You and me both, lady!

Slyde: Me neither. It seems like an annoyance to me.

angel said...

oh i would go totally insane if one of my furbabies went missing!!!

Anonymous said...

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