Monday, 10 November 2008

Weekend stuff

Don't go watch Body of Lies. Unless you like Middle Eastern political drama / thrillers that think they're smarter than they actually are. But that's just my opinion. I dislike unnecessary scenes of overly graphic violence. And I think this movie was really overrated. DiCaprio is good. Crowe is ok. The real star is Mark Strong, as far as I'm concerned. But enough about that...

On Saturday TSC and I went for a long walk at Northern Farm, which is a huge horse and cattle farm about 20 minutes drive from our place. Aside from the fact that there's a steep entrance fee (for a once-off entry. Multi-passes are cheaper), it's a fantastic place where people go to mountain bike, horse ride and bird watch. It feels like it's a million miles away from the city and it was so good to be outside.

The leaves were a million different shades of green and the Christmas beetles were buzzing a harmony that made it feel like the air particles around us were vibrating with the sound. There was that good, rich earthy smell that you get after the rain (it's been a cool, wet weekend) and a gurgling clear stream. We tramped about for an hour and only saw a lone cyclist ride past us - no-one else. It was soul-refreshing.

Just thinking about it makes the flashing, about-to-die, going-to-give-me-epileptic-fits flourescent lightbulb above my desk even more infuriating.

Have a fantabulous, flickering-flourescent-lighbulb-free week.

PS: I registered to vote. How about the rest of you South Africans?


Ruby said...

Oh noice! that place sounds like a lot of fun:)

I had to register too as I voted in Potchefstroom during the last elections, being a student and all. To my absolute surprise it was a very quick and painless experience!

Kitty Cat said...

That place sounds lovely!

po said...

That place looks great Tamara. My sister took me to see High school musical this weekend, which was surprisingly painless considering I hate musicals with a passion.

Yay for registering!

Sass said...

Your description was beautiful. It's freezing cold here, frost on the ground, and I spent the weekend with a hungover husband, High School Musical 3, and doing a reading at church in front of about 500 people. NO relaxing for me. :(

31337 said...

a place i can bike to my heart's content sounds like heaven. how i miss the country!

this post has reminded me that i operate in a windowless, harshly lit office in the bowels of a factory. sigh.

elizabeth said...

I would love to go somewhere like that - sadly it's freezing here at the moment... (and your picture reminds me that I'm afraid of horse back riding - I mean it all looks and sounds romantic until you actually do it. Then it's kind of scary.)

Susan said...

Oh my gosh...I just had to put in a florescent lightbulb. It was all I had. Now we look like we're "A glow!"

Shania said...

Ugh, I'm sitting under the same bulb. Glad you had a good weekend!

Dash said...

its compulsory to vote in Australia, that apparently seems weird to every person from another country I have ever met.

Glad to hear you guys embracing a bit of democracy.

Slyde said...

i kinda wanted to see body of lies, but not enough to actually get my ass to the theatre.

i'll just wait for it to be on cable..

Anonymous said...

Ugh I'm in desperate need for a weekend like that - sounds amazing!! Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good weekend!

I registered! It was pretty exciting - I have never voted but am good to go now :)

Tamara said...

Ruby: It is indeed!

Kitty: And it's free from bats ;-)

Po: HSM 3 was painless? Now I know you're cooked.

Sass: HSM 3 - you have my deepest sympathies.

31337: That sux, man.

Susan: Hehehe... I look like a zombie - all pasty in the bright light.

Shania: It's maddening isn't it?

Dash: Dude, that is weird. What about exercising your right not to vote? Or do you just leave your card blank then?

Slyde: If I had 800 channels to keep me busy, I'd probably do that too.

Reederscorner: I hope you get one soon!

HMR: Yay! I've never voted before either. Good for us to have registered ;-)

Dash said...

you can leave your card blank, if you actually think that proves anything, which i strongly doubt. why would you ever WANT to not vote? the idea is completely foreign to me.

Tamara said...

Dash: I personally wouldn't NOT vote, but what if there's a situation where you honestly don't know enough to make an informed decision or there are just no candidate worth supporting?

angel said...

it looks spectacular... i wanna go there too!