Monday, 24 November 2008

Has anyone seen the new Bond flick? We saw it on Fri. Very cool, IMO. I reckon Daniel Craig is far better suited to the role than Pierce Brosnan.

The weekend was a good one. Poor TSC had to write varsity entrance exams the whole of Sat, so I got to do some serious packing and sorting. We then watched the rugby, took out a lame DVD and on Sunday, after church, had a yummy lunch at Papachino's with my folks. We spent the evening chilling with a truly awesome family. we know each family member from a different place and time in our lives and it's the first time we've seen all of them together. Good wine, great company and balmy weather made for the best of times.

But now for a much-needed rant... TSC has a Namibian driver's licence. The other day he realises that it's about to expire in a month's time. So he phones the traffic department, speaks to a million-odd people about how to go about converting it to a South african licence and is eventually told that he needs to go to such and such department, which is on the arse end of Joburg and only open on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Off he goes, ID book and a letter of validation from the Namibian Embassy in hand. These were the only documents he was told to bring. Upon arrival, he is informed that he also needs a copy of our lease. So, being the lovely wife that I am, I dash home, fetch the bloody lease and fax a copy to the department.

Fine, he is told. Come back in a week with R160.00 cash and we'll let you know what needs to happen. So this morning he treks out to the ugly governemnt building once more. As he steps through the door, the woman he spoke with last week says, "oh. It's you. You've been declined."

Why? No reason. Except, apparently, that he should have thought about doing this ages ago. The spiteful cow.

So now he needs to go to the licencing department in Namibia, which is only open on Wednesday, before his licence expires on 15 December, to renew said stupid licence there. With our move happening this weekend and two weeks full of meetings and end of year functions we are committed to after that, you can imagine just how impressed I am at the thought of being left home alone.

The joys of living in Africa.


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

that sucks.

should i save a few crappy nappies so we can go poo bomb that department?

dizzblnd said...

Wow.. what a horrible ordeal to go through just to get a different license. All in the middle of a move and right before the holidays.. stupid people

po said...

That sounds so typical of all beaurocrats the world over. That kind of crap has happened to me in the UK too. But I think South AFrica is special!

Kitty Cat said...

How ridiculous, they don't even have a valid reason why?

The Jackson Files said...

I have an English drivers license which they won't let me convert, so I feel your pain.

It's crazy because they say I HAVE to change it to an SA license, but then make it as difficult as possible to do so.


angel said...

sheesh... poor tsc!
i am sorry you'll have to be alone a while...

Wenchy said...

Alone is not nice. :(

Miss T said...

*sigh* so damn typical. I'm supposed to hand in my drivers here in Ireland after a year to get an Irish one.I'm holding out because with an foreign drivers I can't get points....problem is my SA one needs renewing. fun fun fun

Tamara said...

Exmi: That is a truly brilliant idea. Can you save another load for Home Affairs?

Dizzblnd: You said it, sista - stupid people!

Po: Yes. Special in one sense of the word.

Kitty: Apparently not.

TJF: It's power tripping, I'm telling you.

Angel: I'll probably end up enjoying it, but I'm pissed off with him for not checking earlier - then I could have gone with!

Wenchy: I don't normally mind being alone for a bit, but in a new house that needs to be unpacked... not cool. At least it will be productive.

Miss T: What a mission!

Being Brazen said...

I feel your mans pain - I had such a HUGE HUGE issue converting my American license to a South African ( i never have had a SA license). Lets just say I prayed ALOT. Eventually I got it sorted, but it was definitely a blessing that it all came together. The traffic department is horrd.

Hope he gets everything sorted

AlasMyDear said...

ugh. that is such a horrible pain! hate all the stupid government can't-think-outta-the-box nutters. they're just there to be thorns in the side, aren't they?

on a separate note, i liked brosnan! i thought he was sexxxxxy :) pity he's old now.