Thursday, 27 November 2008

Things I've learnt about clients

  • They will always turn what should be a simple process into the most convoluted and confusing plan possible.
  • They will not communicate properly with you and then will assume that you can read their minds.
  • They will take forever and ever to answer a question or resolve an issue (or just never respond) and then blame you when a deadline is missed.
  • In fact, they'll blame you for anything and everything that goes wrong, whether it's something work-related or if it's their car that has started sprouting weeds out of the exhaust pipe.
  • They will believe that you have no life aside from serving their every need and will insist on calling you outside of working hours and sometimes on weekends.
  • They will also believe that it is absolutely necessary for you to trek halfway across the world to meet them for 15 minutes to discuss something that could quite easily have been sorted out on the phone.

And then there's the rare one or two clients who will actually stick to boundaries, pay you on time, thank you for your hard work and even treat you like a person. Thank goodness for those clients. Without them I think I'd have jumped off a bridge many moons ago.


phillygirl said...

wow, you sure got that spot on! You should definitely check out Clientcopia

po said...

Gosh sounds like fun. Not.

Anonymous said...

Just spent some time on the site that Phillygirl linked too. Was SO funny!

Cee said...

so true in so many ways!

Moe Wanchuk said... nailed that one. I just LOVE some of my clients...and a few, I wish they'd walk in front of my car one day.

dizzblnd said...

Yep... you nailed it! I am glad you did not jump off a bridge.. blogland would be sad without you

BecauseIcan said...


31337 said...

the reasons i retired from active graphic design. i get to keep at least some of my hair and do not often get the urge to toss said clients off high ledges.

settling in well?