Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Of deckchairs and space invaders

Yesterday we watched Danny Deckchair. Apparently it's on Dstv at the moment too. We rented from the local DVD store and I'm so glad we did. I LOVE Australian humour (The Dish and Strictly Ballroom are two great examples), but often other people don't seem to enjoy it as much as I do. Like TSC for example. But then he likes Steven Seagal films. 'Nuff said.

Anyway... this movie was great. One of those feel-good, go-hug-the-world-now kind of flicks. And Rhys Ifans (Spike, the mad Welshman from Notting Hill) was just brilliant as Danny, the man who ties a whole whack of hydrogen balloons to his deckchair and takes off for a bit (literally). It put us both in a great mood. Watch it, people. It's awesome. But I take no responsibility if you don't enjoy it. It just means you have no taste ;-) KIDDING!

Argh... Today I'm wearing magnetic earrings. Well, I was until two minutes ago. Have you ever tried them? The little buggers hurt like hell! The pretty part (mine is a picture of a black strawberry on a sliver disc) goes in front of your ear and has a little magnet stuck to the back of it. The other little magnet part goes behind your ear, where it proceeds to press itself into your earlobe with great force, giving you sore red ears that detract from the pretty earrings and making you look like you just got caught by your old headmistress doing something very naughty. Yup... I look like I'm blushing to my ears. Althoug when I'm REALLY embarrassed, I blush right down to my elbows.

Needless to say, I will not be wearing these again anytime soon.

A classic C&H to brighten your Tuesday:


Being Brazen said...

those earrings sound super uncomfy.
Remeber the clip on earring poeple used to wear ALOT in the 80's - those were kinda uncomfortable too.

Love the comic.

Ches said...

C&H make my day!

Sass said...

I'm going to have to "steal" that Cyanide and Happiness.


po said...

Those cartoons are genius. My mom had those magnetic earrings they were supposed to heal or something. They hurt like hell.

Kitty Cat said...

That cartoon is so funny and makes me wince, cos I hate it when people invade my space!
Another good movie, if you haven't seen it, is Juno. With Jennifer Garner.

Susan said...

I could watch Strictly Ballroom as often as possible. I think it was made by the guy who did Moulin Rouge, odd, but lots of hidden jokes and references.

MsMozi said...

Piercing sounds less painful! :)

Shania said...

Since I refuse to let my 5yo son pierce his ear, he likes to wear the magnetic studs. They usually last about 20 seconds until he loses the magnet.

31337 said...

i know about those earrings, i threw mine away, far away. that is a lot of blushing, no?

i shall try and catch that movie, its not present in my movie library's catalogue, but i has DSTv.

misinterpreted space invaders did he? hilarious stuff.

Miss Caught Up said...

Thanks for the comic!! That was cute and funny :)

Slyde said...

i dont think i'm manly enough to wear a magnetic earring. i'll stick to my little diamond stud for now...

Anonymous said...

Hope your ears feel better soon... the things we do to look pretty!

Tamara said...

Being brazen: Yup. I have some of my gran's beautiful clip-ons that I hardly ever wear coz they hurt so much.

Ches: You and me both.

Sass: Feel free ;-)

Po: heal? HEAL? They've injured my lobes for life. Ok... exaggerating a bit.

Kitty: Love that movie! So funny and sweet and sad and just awesome.

Susan: Yep... Baz Luhrman. It's brilliant, I agree.

Shania: See, deep down, I'm still five. I eventually ripped the things off and lost the magnet bits ;-)

31337: Well, as a redhead, when I blush you notice coz I go the same shade as my hair.

MCU: Pleasure, treasure ;-)

Slyde: Coz a diamond stud is manly, right? Hehehe...

reederscorner: Me too! Yup. Well sod that - I'll forsake pretty for the sake of my ears.