Friday, 20 June 2008

Friday. YAY!

It may have been short week, but it felt like it took forever. So glad it's weekend. Except that tomorrow is the dreaded wedding. Ugh.

But, there's Formula One on Sunday, and we're all going out for supper for my gran's birthday this evening, and the afore-mentioned wedding is sure to provide good blog fodder for next week, so it's all good.

Thought for the day:


The Jackson Files said...

These pictures you find are hysterical. Enjoy your weekend...including the wedding. (btw...I ADORE the ellipsis).

Supanova said...

Pwaaaahahahahahaha.... typical... I'm gone for an eternity, I come back to your blog and the first thing I see makes me laugh so hard! 'go back to your behind'? LMAO...too funny!
I read the wedding post... I guess you decided to go! Good on ya mate! You're sooo gonna have fun people watching! teeheehee.... Can't wait to hear all about it! We can trade wedding drama stories since I also just came back from one!

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

TOOOO Funny! Thanks for visiting my blog...I will be back for more giggles!

Tamara said...

TJF: Yes... I see so... ;-)

Supa: Good, you're back.

TBCB: Welcome to my blog and you're welcome for me visiting yours - I'll also be back.