Friday, 6 June 2008


Thank goodness the weekend is here! I don't think I could've survived another day. Bring on the long weekend for next weekend. I can hardly wait.

In my tired, angry, frustrated and generally unhappy mood, here is somehting that should make us all smile:


Anonymous said...

The suspicious supermarket had me cracking up and everyone else looking at me like I'm crazy. :)

The Jackson Files said...

Those are GREAT. And I'd forgotten that next weekend is a long weekend. Hooray for next Friday!
Have a fantastic weekend, Tamara.

Gill said...

Brilliant! Can't wait for the long weekend either - we are going to freeze our butts of in the berg :-)

Rhys Lake said...

Haha those are good man - where'd you get them?

I found your blog through Rachael Rickard's, I know her from the church in Hamilton she goes to.

Anyway hope things are all good in old SA, I'd like to go sometime :)

angel said...


sweets said...

crazy! lobster death... hehe!!!

AlasMyDear said...

so sorry to hear about your tough week :( hope things will look up this week!

that suspicious supermarket is hilarious!

Glugster said...

Very funny.

No, however it's my time to bitch at you for not posting something new. We're waiting.... LOL

Tamara said...

Sleepy: Maybe you are crazy ;-)

TJF: I know - I'd also temporarily forgotten. No idea how!

Gill: I'm very jealous. We were planning to go too, but as its Comrades weekend, we figured the roads will be crazy from Jozi. Where you going in the berg?

Rhys: Welcome! Please say hi to Rach - we did our Gap year together. So you're in NZ? It must be freezing there at the moment.

angel: ;-)

Sweets: definitely makes you wanna eat it, huh?

Alas: Thank you - you always have such sweet words.

Glug: Apologies. There is now a post up ;-)

Kirsten said...

Hey Tamara... Talk about coincidence.

I've been so busy, and hadn't had a chance to do a blog entry. So when I had a free moment, I rushed around trying to find a good example of Engrish for my post on Do Not Want - and I couldn't find a thing!!

Then today I visit your site - and here's a whole bunch of really good ones. I'm going to steal one... hope you don't mind!

Tamara said...

Kirsten: I'd be flattered ;-)