Thursday, 5 June 2008

Things I wish had been invented

Really! There are some people in the world that I wish would not come into my little world. A particular person that I have to interview today, for example. But rather than vent here about all the little things that are ticking me off (which will go on forever and bore everyone including myself), I have come up with a list of things I wish had been invented:

1. Mute buttons for people who spout crap incessantly
2. Long-lasting anti-idiot spray that can either temporarily turn people into non-idiots, or just clear the room of all twits
3. Internal watch-synchronisers installed at birth, so that when you say you're meeting someone at 12, they don't turn up at 12.27
4. Instant-friendliness chocolates, to feed to certain rude PAs and their even ruder CEO bosses
5. Bitch-alert radar
6. Invisible capes
7. Teleportation devices
8. Anti-taxi forcefields for cars
9. Compulsory training in manners for all business people
10. And, of course, free therapy for all members of the media!

So tell me, what do YOU wish had been invented?


The Jackson Files said...

Ha ha...that's great, I love the idea of instant-friendliness chocolates for PAs.

There are many, many things I wish had been invented - disposable boyfriends, self-cleaning dishes, wrinkle creams that actually work...

But mostly I wish that there was some kind of red, amber, green alert so that you know if your kid is hospital ill or just GP ill. That would stop me from having a full-body freak out at last once a week.

Good grief, this is a very long comment.

sweets said...

LOL i'm sorry i got stuck at the invisible capes! i love that idea!!!!

i wish there were trees that actually grew money :)

Supanova said...

Yeah Sweets...invisible capes wud be rad! And the teleportation thang! Supa cool! The assemble your own Boyfriend-In-A-Box idea is cool! LMAO @ the Money Tree!
Oohhh hows about a Butt Reducing machine?

Anonymous said...

Oh where to begin?? A tablet that REALLY takes your FOOD CRAVINGS away. I may not be hungry - but I'd still eat. :)

Tamara said...

Jackson: Yay for your long comment! I love long ones. And short ones. I just love comments ;-)I reckon all parents would vote for your invention.

Sweets: You and me both!

Supa: Instant butt-reduction machine - fab idea. Let me know when you've invented one of those and I'll be your first customer.

Sleepy: I think they have those - appetite suppresants. But I don't think those are that safe. I say, let them eat cake (and then use SUpa's butt reducing machine).

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Where's my comment? I left a comment yesterday and it's gone!

Cue twilight zone music!!


angel said...

ooh i could so do with that anti-idiot spray! and manners for business people? fargin awesome idea!!!

AlasMyDear said...

heehee, i love your instant-friendliness choccies :)

i always wanted a spray paint device for the undercarriage of my car...that sprays in 4 directions. so i can spray hot pink paint pellets at irritating drivers who hog, honk for no reason, swerve into my path, or try to engage me in stupid races. i would so love that!