Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Too miserable with flu to be creative...

So here are some funny pics:

you'll only get this if you dig the movie, 'Office Space' (from which my office-equipment-bashing fantasies arose):

you'll only think this is funny if you like or make LOLcats.

Have a happy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

These will never get old for me!! So good! :)

Bridget said...

I LOLed. HA!

I lvoe these as well.

Get better hun. My mother made me drink ginger this past weekend when I got sick. I am still plotting my revenge on her.

sweets said...

LOL the koi one is hilarious!!!!!
and the last one... so cute!!!

hope you feel better soon :)

BecauseIcan said...

Don't you just love that stapler guy from Office Space.. Classic Man!!

Hope you feel better soon.. and
thanks for the funnies..

XUE said...

these cats make me laugh! the first one is so cute!

angel said...

mwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa... i LURV those icanhazcheezburger things!!!

Tamara said...

Sleepy: you and me both ;-)

Bridget: I LOVE ginger! And it does work, even if you do hate the taste.

Sweets: Thanks, kind lady guy.

Because: My fave bit of that movie is actually the scene where the dude is shifting lanes in the traffic. And, of course, the printer/baseball bat scene - I so identify with that!

Xue: I KNOW! I want one like that.

Angel: I never tire of them either ;-) Thanks for all your catch-up comments, btw.

angel said...

thats usually how i do things...

Chris said...

I love these cats!!