Thursday, 19 June 2008

Don't drink and write signs...

I'm not sure how I like this hubby studying thing. I oscillate between moments of extreme jealousy and extreme enjoyment.
Let me explain... He finished up at work last week, but his studies only start next week, so he's taking this wek to chill. Which he deserves.
BUT... It still drives me mad that he can laze in bed in the mornings, and is still fast asleep when I leave for work, and that he's usually enjoying a DVD on the couch when I get home. Grrr. Especially seeing it doesn't occur to him to do the things I would do if I got home early - like sort out the pile of papers lying on the kitchen counter, or tidy the distater zone that is our room etc.
On the other hand... (sorry, I am abusing the ellipsis today) it is handy that I can give him all my rubbish chores to do, and he has no excuses to wriggle out of them. Today he is returning my faulty GPS to the store, having my car washed, and taking the cat to the vet. Nice.
In fact, I think I can deal with my jealousy issues if it means that I don't have to do all that stuff. It may be a different story when exams roll around though. At least all this change keeps things interesting ;-)


sweets said...

be jealous... i would be jealous too!!!!

phillygirl said...

Oh my word, I went thru the exact same thing for 3 weeks when Varen was told he didn't have to work out his notice period at his previous job - one of those delightful places that think once you've handed over your letter of resignation that you are only still there to steal their secrets (I mean, if you were really that sort, surely you would've already done that?!).

Enjoy having your errands run while you can!

MsMozi said...

Sounds like a pretty good situation (other than having to watch someone laze happily in bed while you have to get up to the freezing cold winter mornings)... loved the sign, hilarious.

Charmskool said...

I'm jealous too. Until he has to write exams then he can keep the studying thing. I wrote my last two exams last year - well, till next time, and exams suck!

elizabeth said...

Yeah - get him doing fix up I say! Or putting on sexy clothes to greet you at the door! Hooaw!

Ruby said...'ll be grateful once exams come rolling by:)

AlasMyDear said...'s ok! it's only for this week ;) i'm doing the wifey studying thing, and i work harder than the hubby!

your wild animal-ly weekend sounded gorgeous...and sooo exotic! i'm insanely jealous...

Glugster said...

I think you should make him a nice cup of coffee and give him a massage when you get home......hehehe, just kidding.

Love the sign!

Tamara said...

Sweets: Don't worry - I am.

Philly: Nice to know someone else was in the same boat.

MsM: Today I'm making him pay my speeding fine. So nasty, I know.

Charm: I hear you! Exams suck.

Elizabeth: We live in an apartment and our door is right next to our neighbours, so that could prove to be a bit of a disaster.

Ruby: True, true.

Alas: It was a great weekend. Not that exotic for those of us in Africa - I think you guys from other places would appreciate the animals even more.

Glug: Not funny ;-)