Friday, 21 May 2010

Love 'em links

A few places you might find me procrastinating on the internets...

The Cupcake Lady. Just looking at Angel's gorgeous cupcakes make me happy. And hungry. And Shayne's Yummy Mummy treats are just as tempting!

The new Pick 'n Pay website. I had NO idea that PnP offered travel packages! Plus you can coordinate all your recipes online (great for people like me who tend to lose things written on paper) and even draw up a shopping list that you can then view on your phone while you're instore.

Photoshop Disasters. The name says it all. Originally introduced to me by Phillygirl, this is now a regular hangout of mine. Makes you feel a bit better about yourself when you can see even Kimora is subject to body swaps to be magazine cover friendly.

The Secret Beauty Blogger. She works for a beuty mag, where she has to say nice things about the products, but she spills the real deal on her blog. Plus, if you are fashion and beauty clueless like me, SBB has the answers you need.

Three sites that Helen has introduced me to (not sure if I love her or hate her for these):
Sleep Talkin' Man (the insanely amusing nocturnal ramblings of an Englishman), Autocomplete Me (the bizarre crap people plug into Google search) and The Impossible Quiz (yes, it is pretty damn impossible).

Rotten Tomatoes. I'm actually quite compulsive about this site. I have to, have to, have to check out movie ratings here before I book to see a new film. I even access this site from my phone to check ratings while I'm browsing in the DVD rental shop. It has, I must admit, spared me from many soppy romcoms, action-less action flicks and pointless political thrillers.

And if I'm not on these sites when I'm online, chances are I'm on your blog.

Have a fab weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the links. I'm so looking through all of them... I have time today :P

Damaria Senne said...

Going thru the links. Beauty blogger sounds interesting, though a lot of the products she talks about are not for my skin colour.

Ruby said...

Thanx for some new links to follow:) it's always interesting to see what other people read online:) *hugs*

Yummy Mummy said...

Thanks for the mention!

Will def be checking out the Photoshop and SBB one.

Happy weekend.

po said...

MY BFG also read rotton tomatoes and researches all of our DVD choices in great detail. We only watch awesome DVDs and he/rotton tomatoes has great taste!

Tola said...

Dear Tamara,

I've been on photoshop disasters for a whole hour and counting. I blame you for this :)

Jeanette said...

That beauty blog looks very interesting!

Helen said...

Sorry, although in my defence I DID warn you about the impossible quiz!