Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Assorted catch-up again

I'm feeling a bit out of it today. The headache has now been with me constantly for more than a month. I've stopped noticing it so much, except when it's particularly bad, which it was this weekend. The muscle relaxants my doc gave me helped diddly squat (ie. not at all) and so yesterday I finally got me some sleeping pills. I took one last night and although it didn't seem to help, I'm now feeling zonked. Delayed reaction?

My mom also told me to try sleeping with a mouthguard, which apparently stops you clenching your teeth in your sleep, which in turn stops stressing your neck muscles that cause the tension headache.

I duly went and purchased one, which TSC finds hilarious because I think mouthguards are the most unattractive thing in the world. It took me an hour and a half to fall asleep with that thing in my mouth. And then I woke up with it hurting me at about 2am, so I took it off. I possibly should have been less of a cheapskate and bought one of the more expensive options that looked a bit softer, but I'll give it another go tonight and see if I get used to the piece of plastic in my face. Ugh.

Other than beign dazed and confused, I'm doing fine. I think. Had a great weekend - we had a bunch of people over for a potjie and red wine tasting on Sat, which went really well. We asked everyone to bring two bottles of the same red wine. We opened the first bottle of each (after I'd wrapped them in masking tape and written just a number on each so people couldn't see the labels) and used those for a blind tasting. We then voted for our favourite number before unveling the wines. The winning wine, which we all thought was a nice aged shiraz, ended up being a cheap but glorious wine that none of us had ever heard of before (Gôiya). The wine TSC and I had picked came second (a blend called Cederburger).

We then ate lunch (TSC's DIVINE lamb potjie - yum!) and afterwards played the crazy-Santa gift-swap game with the second bottle of each wine so that each person went home with a different bottle to the one they'd bought. It was so much fun and we'll definitely do it again.

Mothers' Day was also awesome, despite a touch Grand Prix for my team (Lewis Hamilton's tyre delaminated on the second-last lap). We went to Capeesh with the parentals and it was a lovely time (although my pasta wasn't great the chocolate mousse cake made up for everything). My mom, who has the flu, seemed to ilke her presents, which is good seeing I chose the one from TSC and I and then told my dad and brother what to get her when they each phoned me from the mall on Saturday ;-)

Off for coffee with Damaria now. Chat to y'all tomorrow.


Cam said...

A mouth guard, seriously! Did it work?

Forever Feline said...

Eish! A month long headache... how have you not gone on a killing rampage just purely out of frustration?!? Have you tried the Chiro?
I absolutely love your wine idea... sounds like a fab plan and I am humbly requesting permission to poach your idea... hee hee

Anonymous said...

Do you know about the pressure point on your hand? If you make an L shape with your fingers (either hand) and pinch the thick part between your thumb and forefinger (between the bones) it can help relieve pressure headaches. You have to press quite hard, and it does hurt your hand a bit. And each person's exact point is different. Give it a try? (You can see a picture and some other ideas here: http://www.thedailymind.com/health-at-work/9-effective-ways-to-beat-a-headache-at-work/)

Another possibility is a low-grade allergic reaction? Been eating anything new recently?

Your potjie sounds like great fun! I love potjie and J is most particular about how he cooks it. Worth it in the end!

Shayne said...

A headache for a month? I would be a suicide case by now. Hope the gum guard works.

Love the wine tasting idea. Such fun. Will have to give it a bash. and nothing better than a good potjie. YUM.

Slyde said...

id like to know if that works.. sometimes i do that in my sleep as well..

Anonymous said...

hope you enjoyed the lunch... that wine tasting game sounds so fun!

Shania said...

Sweetie, a month is just too long to suffer like this. Please keep looking until you find a doctor who is willing to do what it takes to get you some relief.

Helen said...

Wow, headache for a month? Maybe get your sinuses checked out? I had a bite-plate thing for a white - like a mouthguard but smaller, and it helped a bit. Maybe chat to a dentist about getting one made?

I hope you feel better soon!

phillygirl said...

Wow, your wine-tasting idea sounds *awesome* :) Must try that some time!