Tuesday, 4 May 2010


My office is looking empty. Now that the company is merging with another and I'm leaving, lots of packing up has to be done.

So far we've sold lots of the furniture and chucked out lots of random stuff that's been carted around from office to office over the years (we have about 250 lanyards lying around. Weird). My paperwork has all been sorted out and personal items taken home. Now it's just me sitting on my pilates ball at my desk with my PC, phone and my red stapler.
It all somehow feels surreal, like it's happening to someone else. But then again, it's too busy for me to actually sit down and think about it (nevermind blog about it properly), so it's just a case of moving forward everyday until the new reality sets in.
Did that make any sense?
As long as I have my stapler, I'll be fine.


Cam said...

can I have a lanyard please?

po said...

Frik I have wanted a lanyard for years and have no idea how to find one! And you have the lanyard gnome living in your office.

Staplers are scary, I always feel they make a good weapon of mass destruction.

Susan said...

Don't forget that stapler remove thingy, you know, in case something gets stapled incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

AAaaaaaargh someone stole the library stapler! Maybe I should get that shirt? Hmmm.

How awesome is that you are having your own business. I think that even if it feel surreal you should do a victory dance too- just to, you know, enjoy it too. :D