Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lacking in logic

Is it just me, or is common sense a thing of the past?

Take, for example, the local car dealership situated within walking distance of my house. One would imagine that when constructing such a development, it would be wise to consider how the cars that will be sold are going to arrive at the dealership. But no, the clever people who built it made sure that the entrance is impossible to access for the car delivery vehicles. See, those long trucks can't turn too well, so putting two turning circles in the narrow entrance to your dealership is not a good idea.

What now happens is that the trucks have to offload the vehicles in the middle of the road that goes through the suburb and then drive each car separately the rest of the way into the dealership development. This causes nightmares for the other cars trying to use the road while the trucks are offloading.
What's worse is that once the trucks have offloaded, they can't turn around. So they have to drive down the rest of the road, which ends in a cul de sac outside the development where we live and then do a 60-point turn to get to face the opposite direction so that they can get back onto the main road. If you live in the development where I do, it is common to be kept waiting at the main gate for ages while you wait for the poor truck driver to complete this mammoth manouevre.

Like so...

Lacking in logic.
In another prime example of the inability to think rationally, there's the client who told me I can't use the term "SA is currently soccer mad" in a press release because it has negative connotations and people might think that I'm insinuating that South Africans have become mentally insane.
Deficient in common sense.
And, of course, there's the client who insisted on having a media release translated into Afrikaans before the English version had been amended and approved, meaning that every time she makes changes on the English one, the Afrikaans one has to be changed again too.
Short on reason.
Of course, I can't forget the estate agents who don't call before they bring a prospective new tenant to see the house we're using as Red Tree offices and then get annoyed when there's nobody here to let them in.
Without sound judgment.
I know I'm not alone in my frustrations. Someone else feels my pain - check out this obituary for Common Sense.


Cam said...

Ha ha. Love the diagram, so expressive!

Common sense is my yard stick for stupid people...if you don't have it, you're stupid, kla!

Cam said...

Ps. Tam, do you mind updating my blog address? SOrry. I'm stuck at the bottom under 3 giraffes :) THanks.


po said...

Wahaha to the soccer mad thing. PCness does go a bit overboard. Just a tad. Bloody hell.

Shayne said...

LOVE the diagram!

I think perhaps it is also called 'short-sightedness'.


Louisa said...

That is such a cute little diagram. Shame man, sucks to get stuck in those shananigans on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Some poeple were just not born with that gene (sadly I am one)

The Lori Borgman piece is awesome. i enjoyed every second of it- the wit behind the thought too. Teehee. Awesome.

Susan said...

Hi - since it might get faster to your here - can you zip me your last name or what I should put on envelope to mail the film. thanks!

By the way - at home work is great, but I find it challenging being so close to a refridgerator and having no one watching is dangerous.