Monday, 3 May 2010

Greetings, Blogland

It's been years since I've gone so long between posts, but I promise you it wasn't intentional. Communication has proved difficult in the last week or so thanks to various factors, such as the fact that my phone started giving me issues and wouldn't let me send or recieve SMS, the work internet was down due to a Telkom problem and I'd used up my ADSL cap at home and the Telkom online recharge facility was not working. Have I ever mentioned how much Telkom frustrates me?

So I would like to use this post to say the following:
  • Happy belated 30th birthday to Phillygirl. Sorry it's a week late. I promise that I thought of you on 26 April all day. Hope the year ahead is super awesome in every way.
  • Sorry to anyone who has emailed / SMSed me and not received a reply yet. I am working my way through the backlog and hope to get there soon.
  • Where the Wild Things Are is one of the weirdest movies I have seen. Ever.
  • Packing up a company takes more work than I would have believed. And more boxes.
  • Throwing things out / donating old stuff / recycling is cathartic.
  • May scares me. There is so much I need to get done this month that I just want to crwal under my winter duvet and keen. It's less than a month till my World Cup visitors arrive. Eep!
  • This freezing cold weather is making me grumpy.
  • I have no idea what to get my mom for Mothers' Day.
  • I am tempted to click "mark as read" on the hundreds of items in my feed reader.
  • I managed to get to 10 bullet points. Yay! 10 points for me.


Cam said...

You didn't watch those ads about hitting your internet cap...was that you?

Welcome back Tam, it's been quiet around the resignation going? :)

Alet said...

Hope you work through the backlog quickly!!

Shayne said...

Let's not even start discussing Telkom and their inadequacies as a service provider!

Good luck for the month ahead. I am sure that your home will be more than ready for your visitors!

And no, the frosting wasn't yours - but v similar. didn't have the golden syrup in it. was completely delicious!

Anonymous said...

I kind of want to punch Telkom in the big fat face. They suck SO bad.
I called them to install two more phone lines at work...TWO MONTHS AGO.

Anyway, glad you're back! :)

(I also have no idea what I'm getting my mom for Mothers Day.)

Louisa said...

Welcome back! I also have no idea what to get my mom.

po said...

Heya, congrats on the 10 bullet points, don't wear yourself out too much with all that stuff you have to do!

phillygirl said...

Aw thanks for the Birthday wishes, lady :) Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya... I have sooo much I want to blog about, but I just don't get to it!

Helen said...

I'm gad you're still alive (albeit barely from the sounds of things).

No clue on the mother's day thing either, let me know if you have any ideas!

Tamara said...

Cam: No I didn't. Have no idea what you're on about. I don't watch much TV. As for the resignation... I just want to get May over with so I can start June in my home office!

Alet: Thanks. And welcome!

Shayne: I'll have to get that frosting recipe from you - it looks divine!

Sleepy: If you do punch Telkom, can I watch? ;-)

Louisa: Thanks. I'm going to try to get my Mom's present today. Wish me luck! And hope you find something nice for yours too.

Po: Thanks. 10 bullet points is always worht celebrating ;-)

Philly: You're welcome. Sorry again that it's so late!

Angel: And when i sit down to blog, I forget what I wanted to say!

Helen: Pity I can't buy her a hat ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to get my act together to see "Where the wild things are" . There's a boy in my school who wants to marry the soundtrack. LOL