Thursday, 20 May 2010

How can it be Thursday?!?!

This week has been insane. I won't bore you with the details, but here are the highs and lows Paula style)...

  • Spending the whole day at one of the PR clients yesterday for no apparent reason. What a waste of time!
  • Finding out that someone has reversed into the front passenger side of my car and buckled the whole panel above the wheel arch. They of course, did not bother to leave a note. I hate that I will now to pay an excess and have it fixed when it wasn't my fault.
  • Realising that I will have to confront Red Tree and Orange Coffee about the arrangement with me going forward.
  • Not having enough time to blog, read blogs or comment :(
  • Not having a free night of the week.
  • Going to Santini's for the first time on Friday to sokkie and there not being enough space to stand on the dance floor, let alone actually dance.


  • Reading through all your supportive comments on my stressed out post last week.
  • Getting loads of house stuff done on Saturday that will help get everything ready before the world cup folks arrive.
  • Painting murals at Kitty Haven on Sunday and spending quality time with the new kittens (there are about 120 of them, so if you know someone who is looking to adopt...).
  • Getting a special mention on Cam's blog when he wrote his 500th post.
  • Realising that there's nothing I can do about the whole government project thingey until they actually come up with a brief and put it to me in writing, which has stopped me stressing about it until the ball is in my court again.
  • Having awesome sushi at Best of Asia on Tuesday (their buy two, get one free night).
  • Lighting a fire for life group last night and having quality chats with our group in the nice warm lounge with hot chocolate.

What's up with you guys?


Yummy Mummy said...

Your highs far outweigh your lows!

Two for the price of one sushi - major high!

I think everyone in blogland seems to be struggling somewhat. Nice to have you back tho.

phillygirl said...

Aw lady, things sound crazy with you lately! Am thinking of you & hope you have a more relaxing weekend than your week sounds.

Cam said...

Looks like the highs outway the lows.

Hope you have all highs and no lows soon.

Have a great weekend Tam.

Tamara said...

Yummy Mummy: Aside from that damn dent in my car, I am pretty happy ;-) Good to be back.

Philly: Thanks, lady. I certainly plan to!

Cam: Same to you, birthday guy!

Anonymous said...

It's always fantastic when the highs outweigh the lows. :D