Thursday, 6 May 2010


Right. Cam, Po... take your pick. What colour and which type of attachment at the bottom?

In other news, today has been one of those days that starts off slow and then snowballs into craziness. Clients who think they can send you a meeting request on the day of the meeting without any explanation as to why they want a meeting... they suck. So do clients who consistently leave it until the day before they need something before letting you know. And clients who pay late.

Thankfully the sun is shining today, which has had a positive influence on my mood. Also, I just had leftovers from last night (curried chicken pancakes) for lunch, so I'm now feeling warm and sleepy and not particularly in the mood to fight with anyone. Or throttle them with a lanyard.


Cam said...

The green and white one looks rad! I shall call him, Manny!

Short for Manyard....Manyard Lanyard! :D


Being Brazen said...

Hope your evening is nice and chilled :)

DBAWIW said...

How DOES one manage clients who pay late? seriously, I need to know. Do you have tips?

Tola said...

Mhhhh where does one buy a lanyard? Need one for my mem stick, I lose it in my bag everyday!..........and every1 i asked seems to have gotten theirs free somewhere.

po said...

Oh wow, an army of lanyards! I dig the orange one! But I think the postage is worth more than the lanyard. Where do you buy those things? The only places I can find in the UK sell them in bulk of 50. That may be a few too many for my needs.

Anonymous said...

Also: friends should never be clients because they feel they can use excuses like "my mother suddenly felt ill" as an emotional bribe as well as a way to skip payments... AGAIN.

I love savoury pancakes. Most yum.