Monday, 24 May 2010

I wish Mondays were less regular

Weekends are so cool, even when nothing particularly exciting happens, which was the case over this one. Unless you're a rugby fan, which I'm not really.

The only real drama this weekend was that our cat, Marble, managed to injure his front left paw on Friday. My poor baby - I was so worried about him and convinced he'd fractured it. But once I got TSC to hold him still and had a good look at it, it turned out that it was just a small (but sore) gash on one of his foot pads. You'd never have guessed by the fuss he was making, hopping along on three legs and meowing piteously. He had managed to get it dirty, so we cleaned the wound, applied some soothing antiseptic cream the vet gave us last time one of the kitties had a little injury (why do they make this stuff lumo orange, I'd like to know?), and bandaged the leg.

After that Marble truly did feel sorry for himself and meowed as loudly as he could while hopping about and trying to shake the dressing off. TSc and I were convinced our neighbours were going to report us to the SPCA with the sounds coming from our house.

Marble took about an hour to get the bandage loose, but at least the cream had a chance to work a bit. Plus he was so exhausted from all his protesting that he just settled down in the sun and rested the paw.

Today he's walking almost normally again. I'm almost sure he exaggerates the limp when he realises someone's watching ;-)

We spent most of the weekend (aside for supper club on Fri) working and repainting some of the pine boxes I've been given from Red Tree's offices. One would think that would be an easy job. Not if you're married to uber-perfectionist TSC!

They had to be sanded on each side (that's eight sides per box), have the (miniscule) cracks filled with wood filler, be resanded, get coated with universal undercoat and then be painted with two coats of enamel paint. And I couldn't just slap the paint on either. I had to "cut in" neatly in the inside corners and then coat each side with a small paint roller.

We're not done yet. We've only done the first coat. Still, they do look gorgeous. And they were free. So the DIY was definitely worth the effort. I'll take photos once they're done.


Damaria Senne said...

Poor Marble, I hope he feels better soon.
He sounds like good competition to Edward, my chow mix dog, when it comes to soliciting sympathy.
When he doesn't feel feel well, he just sits next to my desk chair, where I can can see him clearly, stares at me with sad brown eyes as if to say,"Don't you just feel sorry for me?"

Shayne said...

Poor little Marble. Shame, your heart aches when they hurt themselves hey?

You will appreciate TSC's analness once they are done - they will look divine!

Anonymous said...

Aw poor kitty. Marble must have looked adorable (and pathetic) with a bandage. Thats so SWEEET.

DIY is awesome. At least with TSC being a perfectionist you kind of know you're not bound to have any problems with them in the future?

Louisa said...

Shame man, hope your kitty feels better soon! I too wish Mondays were less regular.

po said...

Poor little Marble, hope the poor thing heals soon.

Mkay what are the boxes for? Storage?

Hehe my word verification today is "thing". Probably the only time ever I had an actual word.

Tamara said...

Damaria: Puppy eyes - the ultimate manipulation device!

Shayne: You are right... It drives me mad sometimes, but it's better to have it done right the first time ;-)

Paula: Adorable and pathetic is exactly how he looked. I wasn't sure whether to laugh at him or fuss him.

Louisa: We should just skip them altogether!

Po: I often get words (usually suspiciously rude ones). The boxes will be used as side tables in our lounge.