Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Brief update

I have money in my account today. I have sorted out the debit orders that bounced. I feel slightly better but still annoyed and stressed.

Lost left his laptop at my house. I have been trying to contact him to get it back to him and pick up the money he owes me at the same time. I have left voice messages, sent text messages, called the guest house where he's staying... nothing. No reply.

I was seriously worried that something had happened to him. But the lady at the guest house says he's fine. So I am giving up. If I don't hear from him, he can go without it. TSC can sell the thing to recoup costs.

Anyone know where the Randburg testing centre is so I can renew my driver's licence? The phone number listed on the web does not exist. Three cheers for efficiency.


Louisa said...

I think it's more or less opposite the Virgin Active (c/o Hill & Malibongwe) on the Hill street side (I think that street is called Hill there - could be John Voster too, that's what it's called where I get on it).

Glad you have your money, and I'm sorry your friend is continuing to be an ass.

Don't Believe a Word I Write said...

Louisa, are you not thinking of the Randburg home affairs department?

I think it's on Bram Fischer, if memory serves. I renewed my driver's licence there last year.

Anonymous said...

Glad Canada decided to fess up.

Um, well, I don't know either.

Forever Feline said...

So glad you have been paid!

Home Affairs in on Malibongwe. If coming off Republic you turn right and carry on for about 3km until you see all the caravans on your left. Turn at that Robot. Its opposite a huge Mr.Price home store.

Drivers License building is on Braam Fischer Drive.
If you reach the part where Braam Fischer joins Jan Smuts Avenue you have gone too far. Do you remember the old "Gates" nightclub in Randburg??? The place is just opposite that centre.

Ches said...

Glad they paid you Tam.

Meriel said...

glad you're paid. hope thats the end of that nonsense.

praying that the sun rains nice things down on you guys.

gosh what a run of it you've had.

Slyde said...

you are a good person to still be caring about Lost after all that mess..

angel said...

I am glad you got paid at last- and I am sorry Lost is being such a jerk.

Damaria Senne said...

Glad you've been paid. Can't imagine how Lost plans to do business without his laptop.

Helen said...

I got my license renewed at Marlboro, it's not far from the highway and took a grand total of about 10 minutes, otherwise you can get some specsavers to do the eye test and then they organise a license for you (you have to book in advance though).

I'm glad some things are getting better though, I hope the rest sorts itself out soon!

po said...

Glad you got paid, it must a huuuge relief!