Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ella and exercise

My car is in for a service today. Back in the day, that used to be something I dreaded. Mainly because I had an awesome little 2001 Ford Fiesta called Ziggy that I had to take to the most awful Ford service centre in Cape Town.

It was a dirty and sloppy place and because I was but a poor student, the folks there never took me very seriously. I always had to find my own way back to my flat or campus when I'd dropped the car off, because they didn't do drop-offs. Thankfully it wasn't far to walk. Although Murphy's Law being upheld, it would usually rain on those days ;-)

The nasty people at the garage also used to take advantage of my ignorance and do all sorts of things to my car while they had it, at great expense. My poor dad would get a shock when I phoned through to request money to pay for all the extras. I have whined about this before at around the same time last year (far more eloquently, I would add. I'm seriously losing my touch).

Thankfully these days it's a different story. My darling Ella (my little Honda Jazz) enjoys only the best from the fabulous folk at the Sandton Honda dealership, who phone and ask for permission before they incur extra costs. And they also don't mind giving you a lift to the office when you drop your car off, or picking you up to fetch it.

But today, seeing my man is on study leave, I didn't have to use that particular service. TSC and I drove to Honda in two cars at about 6.45am (they open at 7). I dropped Ella off and got into his car and we headed to gym and then had a quick coffee over breakfast before he dropped me off at the office at 8.30.

It's actually been a lovely start to the day.

This surprises me seeing I am NOT a morning person. In fact, that's the understatement of the century. Mornings to me are like garlic to vampires; like red flags to bulls; like Eskom rate hikes to South Africans, like... you get the point. I don't do mornings.

I used to. In fact, when I did my gap year and shared a room with five other girls, I would get up an hour earlier than everyone else. Why? To make sure that I was awake enough to seem human by the time everyone else appeared (also, it was the only way to get some alone time in that house).

I also used to get up early to go to gym with my dad when I was in high school. Why? Because you're more likely to get me to gym when I'm half asleep and can barely remember my own name than when I'm awake enough to argue with you.

That said, TSC and I are now finally getting into a nice space where we have a happy balance between letting ourselves rest when we need to and pushing ourselves to get moving. I love this balance. It is new to me.

Before, I would either compulsively over-exercise or not exercise at all. Now, I'm enjoying being able to exercise outside (either walking around the neighbourhood with TSC enjoying the last of the afternoon sunshine or working on my garden, which is fun and a hardcore workout) as well as doing various hilarious gym dvds in front of my TV (I'm not sure whether I get more of a workout from the exercises or from laughing hysterically at some of the instructors) or hitting the gym for a 30min blast on the cardio circuit.

I also feel the freedom to not exercise when I'm feeling exhausted and have learnt not to beat myself up about it. And, contrary to what a (lunatic) biokineticist told me a few years ago, I don't have to exercise seven days a week.

This is good. Now if I could only learn to apply this theory of balance to the rest of my life!


tattytiara said...

I used to have a Honda. Now I have a Toyota. Toyota treats it's customers differently than Honda does. Very differently.

I don't want my Toyota anymore. I want a Honda again.

So bad I could nearly cry.

Wenchy said...

I have to excercise....

Ches said... do I!

Damaria Senne said...

Your exercise DVDs sound like fun.

Don't Believe a Word I Write said...

I'm currently exercising my mouth with biltong.
Your routine sounds good!

Louisa said...

I am very impressed with all the exercising everyone seems to be doing. Mine consists of staying awake till I can have my afternoon nap and running up and down (well more of a brisk waddle really) the passage to the bathroom and back all night long.

Good times. ;-)

Shayne said...

I hate exercising!

Thanks for the comment on my blog - i have forwarded the link to my friend.

am so not a morning person either - living on a farm tho it's a necessity - who ever thought i'd be up at 5h30 every day? Not me, ever!

Helen said...

it's so nice that you turned something like a car service into something positive!

I'm being very lazy and not exercising right now. i should probably change that

po said...

Hmmm, I was a lover of exercise, now I crawl home so late and in the dark and I am dead tired... excuses excuses. Thankfully climbing is not exercise for me, it is obsession so it is no effort to get me to go climbing, even if I am half dead.

Anonymous said...

I must say that I felt a lovely calm come over me as I read that. I still need to find balance... but I sometimes enjoy the haphazardness of life

angel said...

Having a balance like that at home is simply awesome, and if you can maintain it the other aspects of your life will follow suit!