Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Nike advice

I'm glad that blogging has become such an ingrained habit. I haven't felt like posting all week, but even getting my frustration out there (instead of in my head) in a really brief post and receiving supportive comments from you lot has helped. So thanks, Nike. "Just do it" works on occasion.

I still don't really feel like blogging though. Everything I think of posting about, even if it's cool stuff (like the lovely Halloween supper we had with friends on Sat) just seems to stick in my brain. The creativity is on vacation, it would seem. It's having a holiday somewhere with my motivation.

I'm not a big meme fan, but they sure are useful things for filling a gap. So here's one Meriel tagged me to do - my desktop (the one at work).

It's a photo I took of the flowers in the fountain at our hotel in Zanzibar. Those few days were pure bliss and looking at this picture reminds me of that time and makes me smile.

I'm not tagging anyone, but please give it a go if you'd like to and let me know.


Being Brazen said...

my desktop has a photo of me and The Boyf on it :)

Have a fab wednesday! x

M said...

i love your picture - i want to go there too - just for those flowers.

po said...

Beautiful pic! I think you blogging blehs will go away, specially if you keep blogging. They have a habit of that.

Paula said... thats my most recent desktop. I've changed it passed Halloween so I am getting there.

I'm too busy to blog

Ches said...

Joost did it!

tattytiara said...

Wow that's pretty!

Tamara said...

Ches: You crack me up ;-)