Friday, 20 November 2009

Am I in the wrong hemisphere? And other randomness.

I'm sure this freak cold front got lost on its way to Russia or somewhere that is meant to be cold at this time of year. I mean there's snow on parts of the Drakensberg. In November!!! According to Google, Johannesburg is nine degrees Celsius today (48 degrees Fahrenheit). Usually at this time of the year it's about 25 degrees Celsius! Thankfully for Cape Town, the city seems to be enjoying weather that's a bit more pleasant than up here. Finally.

Now for many of you in the Northern Hemisphere, I know that nine degrees is not very cold. But consider that we generally have no central heating (in fact no heating at all in my office) and that South Africa is not geared towards the cold (it's difficult to even find cold-proof clothing here), and maybe you'll feel a bit more sympathetic. In fact, we had someone visit from Toronto, Canada who said that he'd never been so cold in his life as his winter stay in the Drakensberg in South Africa.

I suppose it doean't help that I have sopping wet hair. But I've never been a fan of hair dryers, so I often go out with wet hair, even in the middle of winter. And it doesn't seem to make me sick. I just wear a nice warm hat. Today it's a purple mohair one. If I had my camera handy I'd snap a pic.

At least it's FRIDAY! Woo hoo!

We have a sushi-making course this weekend. Yay! Can't wait. Except that it feels too cold for sushi. I want hot comfort food. Also, it means we have to be up early tomorrow morning. Blah.

Watched My Life in Ruins last night while making jewellery. Worst movie I've seen in awhile. Made Benjamin Button seem positively riveting in comparison.

Right... off to change my dinner menu for tonight. Was planning a nice summery menu for the new friends we're having over, but I think hot food is in order. Lasagne, perhaps. And warm pudding too. Any suggestions?

Have a fab weekend.


Being Brazen said...

Make Lamb stew with rice - yummy :)

Have a fabulous weekend

Ches said...

Weather is warming perhaps?

po said...

haha you poor things. I think the UK is turning into South AFrica.The temperature in Oxford is 14 today. We had at least 6 thunder storms this year. Before that I think I heard thunder once here in about 6 years.

This has been the warmest November I have ever experienced here. I sweat every day in my new coat. It makes me so happy!

Tamara said...

Being Brazen: That's exactly what I would normally do, but we have a vegetarian in attendance tonight, so I'm thinking of doing my roast veg lasagne. Now I just need to decide on dessert!

Ches: Either that or Po is right, and we're switching with England. Hope not!

Po: I think Ches is right to blame global warming. At least you're enjoying the sweating in your coat, I suppose ;-)

Forever Feline said...

The weather is freaky!
Ooh I love making sushi. I have only tried once on one of our "book club" evenings and it was a blast.

Dinner for tonight... yes definitely something warm. Lasagne is always a winner. You could also get one of those delicious flavour soups from Woolies with bread rolls for a starter. The Organic Italian Minestrone is divine although it has a bite to it.
What about steaming hot malva pudding with custard over!

Louisa said...

I think you should have some sort of baked pudding...yummm...with chocolate if possible! :-)

Meriel said...

tra la la la la, divine 29 degrees and no wind here.

chokka are biting in the bay and cray season is open so we will picnic on boat til sunset and bringing home something for the pan.

will think of you all ;-)

Helen said...

It's freezing here too and we've had non-stop torrential rain/fog for a week (give or take an hour) now. It's actually really funny becasue the lowvelders really hate driving in the rain!

And the answer is soup. Always soup.

Kimmi says... said...

This weather is also making ym hair go frizzy! I look like a poodle...

Wenchy said...

We were in the Drakensberg this weekend and yes, snow. :)


tattytiara said...

I hate hairdryers too, and my hair takes forever to dry. Obviously up this far north that's never a good thing, so I wash it before bed and sleep wrapped in a towel when it's chilly. Your cold sounds like our hot - it's so relatively few days out of the year almost nobody has air conditioning, but we are one of the sunniest places on earth and far enough north that the sun's up for about 20 hrs of the day in the summer, so those hot days are horrible!