Friday, 27 November 2009

Assorted Friday goings-on

  • TSC and I watched dvds again last night to give me some time to make more jewellery. We saw The Hangover and Management. Meh. Management was ok. It was sweet but nothing special, IMO. The Hangover was daft. And long. I still have no idea why everyone told us it was so awesome. I was expecting TSC to enjoy it, but he reckons it was stupid.
  • I spent some time playing Free Rice, the vocab game, yesterday. I don't think I've played in about two years. It's such an easy way to kill time and it's totally addictive, but you can feel good about yourself because for every answer you get right, the site sponsors donate 10 grains of rice to feed the hungry. 10 grains is not a lot, but in about half an hour of playing, I had my total up to about 3 500 grains. There's also different subjects to choose from, aside from vocab and I was pleased to see that in the French language-learning scetion, I did really well and still remember most of the words. The problem is that I don't remember how to put them together!
  • I worked late at the morning job yesterday, so I can leave early today. Woo hoo!
  • I had a monthly meeting with a client scheduled for Wed afternoon at 3pm and he only called to cancel at 3.10pm when I was sitting in the reception area waiting. This is not the first time. I dislike the lack of respect for my time. It also annoys me that I can't finish up his project without clarifying things in the meeting, so now I am sitting and waiting until we can reschedule. Grrr.
  • TSC gave our cats their bi-annual bath yesterday and they are looking all fluffy and clean now. I'm glad he did it while I was out and played the bad guy because when I came home they were so grateful to see me that they were ridiculously friendly and affectionate. They both even slept on the bed last night, which they don't normally do unless it's winter.
  • I'm not looking forward to the long drive to Ladysmith tomorrow, or the farewells. But I wouldn't miss it for anything.
  • There are the coolest environmentally-friendly Christmas gifts here.
  • TSC had to take our little Sapphire cat to the vet today and it turns out she has reacted to the new pellets we've been trying, which disagree with her stomach. She has to have a course of antibiotics, which my brother will have to administer while we're away :-(
  • Next week it's December! *slight panic*
  • I always have to have an even number of bullet points.

That is all. Have a great weekend.


Shayne said...

I didn't even bother with the Hangover - looked like a load of c.ap to me!

I too dislike people wasting my time - it's very valuable to me!

Enjoy Ladysmith and i'm sure that although it's farewells you will have a wonderful time.

Happy Weekend.

Don't Believe a Word I Write said...

Do you also have to make sure the number of the volume on your radio is even?

Kate said...

Aw fluffy clean cats sound totally cute

Ches said...

Ha ha haaaaa....I thought the Hangover was brilliant. ;)

Convinced we have different movie vibes going on Tam, but thats ok. :)

po said...

Howdy doody! I haven't checked out free rice for years, I never realised there was a language section! Ooooh noooo I was so addicted to it once before, what have you started?

P.S. I mailed you. And thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

I agree! I watched the Hangover on a plane so I figured they cut alot of the swearing out coz kids could watch it, but still....I was disappointed after all that hype, I think people are just suckers for any hype and go along with it believing its so funny because "everyone" says so.

So far you didnt like Benjamin Button and I am avoiding watching that boring shit, and now we agree on this film too. :) I think you have better taste than some :)

Tamara said...

Shayne: Ja. I wish i hadn't bothered with it either.

DBAWIW: Yes! I am worryingly compulsive about that too. TSC tortures me by turning the volume knob to odd numbers whenever he gets a chance.

Kate: they are gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

Ches: Yep. But it takes all kinds to make the world go around, hey?

Po: I know. I could spend forever on that site. Thanks for the mail. And you're welcome. Thanks for the book discussion in your comments section ;-)

Anon: Why thank you ;-) I'm glad to finally find someone who appreciates my taste *grin*