Monday, 9 November 2009

Of soundtracks, suppers and stress

This weekend was like the damn interval training programme on the step machine - up and down, up and down.

Friday we tried to watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs at Fourways Mall. Don't ask me why. It seemed like a pretty boring movie, made infinitely worse by the fact that the soundtrack was warped. The music constantly sounded like a stretched cassette tape. Not cool. We complained four times and when they still hadn't fixed it, had a little discussion with the manager. He tried to tell me it was supposed to sound like that. Whatever, dude. We're not stupid. I think he reckoned if it had been that noticeable, other people would have complained too. But most of the other people in the theatre were about 10 years old ;-) Eventually we got vouchers from him and headed home to watch a dvd instead.

I spent Saturday in my garden, happily planting and trimming. The veggie garden is finally beginning to look like the jungle I want it to be. I'm not one for things planted in neat rows. I like Jane's Jungle Style of gardening much more.

Went to Papachino's at Crowthorne for supper with TSC and my folks on Saturday evening. We had such a nice time! Good wine, great food and enjoyable company. It was probably the highlight of my weekend.

Yesterday was the ushering team thank you function I'd organised. I had specifically asked everyone to be there by 1.30 latest, as the show starts at 2pm sharp and you need time beforehand to order drinks, have your picnic lunch and socialise.

At 1.30, there were two people there aside from TSC and I. In the end, three people still hadn't arrived when the show started and came in during the first half. Two people didn't pitch at all.

The show was excellent and I sang my heart out enjoying all the musical hits I love so much, but I must admit my day was seriously dampened by the stress. I know it's silly, but I felt downright panicky when it was 1.45pm and there were only six of us out of 23 people. Anyway, at least that's done now.

I also had a row (such a quaint word) with TSC about him taking up more responsibility. We supposedly lead the ushering team together but I actually do everything on my own. I think he got my point, so we'll see how that goes from now on. Poor man - he looked so bewildered when I got all upset about it. I think sometimes we women forget that men don't catch our subtle hints - we have to actually spell out what the problem is.

In other news, I've decided that in order to make a little Christmas money, I'm going to have an open house to sell some of the jewellery I make (and various other crafted stuff) on 5 December at my place from 9am until 1pm. So if you are interested in selling your wares or in coming along to do some Christmas shopping, please drop me a mail at doodlesofajourno at gmail dot com.

Have a good week, everyone.

Updated, 11.20: THIS is the best post I've read in ages.


Being Brazen said...

Have a fabulous week :)

Don't Believe a Word I Write said...

Sorry to hear Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was not all that. The book was truly wonderful.
At least you scored vouchers.

Ches said...

Has Lost fetched his laptop?

Tamara said...

Brazen: Thanks. You too ;-)

DBAWIW: Maybe it got better? I dunno - saw about 40 min of it with bad sound and gave up.

Ches: No! Weird, hey? I SMSed him again on Fri (to both his numbers). Still no response.

SonnyVsDan said...

that's quite a weekend, what an effort. i hate when people don't show for something you've put some effort into, really takes some of the enjoyment out of it. better luck next time dudio!

Damaria Senne said...

sounds like a nice weekend.

Damaria Senne said...

P.S. Thanks for link to jane's jungle style of gardening.

tattytiara said...

I couldn't figure out why I kept not being able to find the tab that link opened, until I finally saw that I had three tabs open to my blog. In part because I always have a freakish amount of tabs open on my computer, but also because it was such a lovely unexpected surprise! I'm very flattered, thank you.

po said...

I was thinking of seeing meatballs, but am not inspired after reading this, maybe I am being misguided by the soundtrack malfunction though! Have you seen Up? I saw it recently and enjoyed it alot, but it was sad!

Paula said...

I still wanna watch Meatballs and Up... still gotta happen. Sorry about what happened to you!

But you sound like there were more ups than downs- which is the greater of the two. :)

Tamara said...

SvD: I'm more hoping there is no next time. Hehehe ;-)

Damaria: You're welcome. I totally recommend putting her book on your Christmas wishlist!

tattytiara: You are welcome. It was an awesome post.

Po: I loved, loved, LOVED Up. Sad, but beautiful and touching.

Paula: If you have to choose, see Up.

angel said...

Your open house sounds interesting!