Monday, 16 November 2009

Things I learnt this weekend

In the tradition of this lovely blogger's weekend posts, I give you a list:

  • Sometimes people will let you down. This is especially true of possible interviewees for magazine stories, who have a tendency to fall off the planet just before the deadline.

  • Really special memories can be made anytime, anywhere.

  • The blueberry cosmopolitan cocktail at Bottega Cafe in Fourways Crossing does wonders on a weary Friday afternoon.

  • Ask (or even mention) and you may just receive. I happened to say that I would like a pair of decent sunglasses, and when TSC went to order his prescription lenses and somes frames on Friday, he got to choose a free pair of Daniel Hechter sunglasses. Seeing he already has lovely glasses, he let me choose a pair instead. Love my man and his amazing generosity!

  • China Mall offers great bargains but also big headaches.

  • Going out on the roads during the 94.7 Cycle Challenge is a bad, bad idea.

  • The Rosebank Rooftop Craft Market is a great place to do Christmas shopping. But you need lots of time!

  • Sunday lunch spent laughing and chatting with awesome friends is the best way to recover from horrible Cycle Challenge traffic.

  • My concentration span is ridiculously short on a Sunday evening.

  • Sometimes it's good to be reminded of the bigger picture.

What did you learn this weekend?

PS: ANOTHER friend of mine from real life has started blogging. So exciting! Please go visit Kimmi (Brettuce Lettuce's other half) and welcome her to the blogoverse.


Ches said...

Was grateful to be away this weekend for the 94.7...

Being Brazen said...

Really great list.

thanks for the mention. If you want to see what i learnt over the weekend, visit my blog today :)

Ps - will have to pop by your friends blog and say howdy.

Forever Feline said...

Love the list - so true!
I have made a mental note to get to Fourways Crossing soon for that delectable looking drink... yum...

Louisa said...

It was great seeing you again on Sunday! It's actually amazing that you managed to find your way out of your area and into Phillygirl's area between the stupid roadworks and the stupid cycle race.

po said...

Bleberry cocktail? That sounds gooood. I learned that I can be a pain int he butt sometimes, and that I am not overly fond of tramping over muddy fields covered in poo. I need to work on that :)

Kimmi says... said...

I noticed that you were a bit bored last night when all you wanted to do was frazzle up my hair!

Bagman and Butler said...

That's a great challenge. But by Monday afternoon, I've already forgotten the weekend.

angel said...

Oh I so hear you on the Cycel Challenge thing! Nightmare!

tattytiara said...

I learned that sometimes the best ideas are the ones it took the least time to think up.

Tamara said...

Ches: That is my plan for next year. And every year that I'm in Joburg for the race.

Brazen: Always a pleasure ;-) And thanks for giving Kimmi some blog love.

Forever Feline: They have other yummy sounding cocktails too. I feel a repeat visit is in order ;-)

Louisa: It was awesome seeing you too. And that potato salad was super impressive ;-)

Poo: I have a feeling that most people are not a fan of muddy poo fields. Strange that.

Kimmi: Ja, Sunday night is not a good time to try to download info to my brain. I emailed Andrew on Mon with questions about things I couldn't remember ;-)

Bagman and Butler: *sigh* I know. It's tragic.

Angel: Totally. Next year I plan on not being around. Or staying at home all day.

tattytiara: That is an awesome thing to have learnt ;-)