Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Weary Wednesday

It's only the middle of the week, people! How can this be? Is the universe and all its cretins conspiring against me to tie me down in a tangled web of incompetence and inefficiency, tied neatly with a bow of bereaucracy and ignorance?


What has set me off this time, you may be wondering? Is the infamous UJ? Surprisingly, no. Although that paragon of patheticness has given me grief this week. But that's a whole other rant on its own...

No, my friends, the culprit this time is far more sinister, with scaley arms and metallic claws that reach even further afield... it's TELKOM.

For those of you who are fortunate enough not to have experienced the mammoth uselessness of South Africa's archaic telecommunications (non)service provider, the utility is widel-known locally by its well-earned and appropriate nickname, Hellkom. In fact, there is an entire parody site dedicated to Hellkom here.

So what did they do this time?

About three or four weeks ago, TSC and I took a trip to our local Telkom Direct outlet to get our landline sorted out. Our mission was simple: to get the line that had previously been in the house re-activated in our name.


An hour and a bit later, the dreadlocked dude who was "assisting us" finally finished up the paperwork and told us our line would be active within 48 hours.

Surprisingly, it was. Only it was a different number to the one that had been operating from the house previously. We didn't give it much thought and happily informed family and friends that we had a new home number.

Just over a week later, the line went dead. There'd been a big storm, so we figured it was that. But it wasn't. See, somehow, Telkom had managed to give us a number that already belonged to someone else - an IT company in a nearby mall.


So TSC went in to the shop to sort it out. "No" they told him, "It's in your wife's name, so she must do it. Tell her to call this number and they'll help her."

K... I called that number about 50 million times. Okay, slight exaggeration, but it was a lot. Eventually I got through to the waiting line. I waited for five minutes or so and was given the option of a call-back (you leave your number, they call you when an operator becomes available). But nobody ever called me back.

So this morning I called again. After answering many questions or varying relevance, I was told that they have no record of my application and that I have to go and start the whole bloody process again.

Can. You. Believe. It?

Please note, Slyde, that there is no mention of sunburn in this post. So I hope you can relate now.


momcat said...

That is absolutely ridiculous and frustrating and I can absolutely relate due to my recent dealings with the electricity department which is probably on a similar level when it comes to customer service and even basic intelligence!

Being Brazen said...


Thomas said...

I hate Telkom. My parents kind of live out in the sticks and one day Telkom just decided enough is enough and took out all the lines in that area. When are they getting a phone again? NEVER

31337 said...

they are quite a lot like the Telkom we have here in Kenya. They are home to quite a number of spectacular goofs. i do hope they manage to get you guys sorted soon.

Kitty Cat said...

Oh, I feel your pain with Telkom. We all do, I'm sure. They are really pathetic. Bring on some competition please!

phillygirl said...

OMG. How truly frustrating! We oddly had some great service from Telkom on the weekend ... you can't believe how amazed Varen & I were by it!

Laura said...

Oh good grief - how totally totally frustrating!!!!

Some days I am glad I dont have to deal with any of this stuff!

Po said...

I love your way with words. "paragon of patheticness" and "mammoth uselessness" haha!

These stories of your just freak me out. Can such imcompetence really exist?

Wenchy said...

Some things just never change

AlasMyDear said...

my goodness! that is some crap. you want to come and live where i am for a bit...things actually work. i don't know how lucky i am.

angel said...


sheesh... and i thought vodakak was bad!