Monday, 16 February 2009

Rom-coms and randomness

The weekend was awesome.

A fancy dinner at Le Canard on Friday (we finally got to use the voucher from our friends R & A from our birthdays last year). Yum! From the atmosphere to the three courses and all the in between bits (like the palate-cleansing mint sorbet... mmm...), it was lovely.

Saturday (Valentine's Day), we swapped presents in bed over a cafe latte (I got some super yummy Pomegranite body lotion, shower gel and hand cream in a cake tin and he got some *ahem* interesting goodies from Lola Montez - the classy adult gift store down the road from us).

After a lazy morning we got stuck into the garden and finished digging the new flower beds. Then it was off to the hardware store to get the stuff to make the mosaic mirror for the guest loo (which is almost finished - hopefully I can post a pic tomorrow) and then he dragged me off to see He's Just Not That Into You.

Now I'm not generally a fan of romantic comedies. In fact, I suggested that we see Valkyrie insteadm, despite my patent dislike of that Tom Cruise character. But nope, my chick-flick-loving husband was not in the mood for that.

He's forced me to watch very many rom-coms before, including such gems (NOT!) as Win a Date with Tad Hamilton and Swept Away (even he had to admit that this one was a complete and utter waste of time. How could it be directed by Guy Ritchie?! You see what that mad ex-wife of his did to him?! From Snatch to Swept Away ??? Ok. Vent over).

So I was sceptical about this one. But I actually enjoyed it thoroughly. I hadn't seen the previews and I had no idea who was starring in it. Probably a good thing - I usually make a point of not seeing movies with Ben Affleck in them. But it was funny and cute and the perfect movie for a Saturday afternoon that leaves you feeling all happy and soppy. Which is great on Valentine's Day.

Sunday morning, after a BLT and cup of coffee, I headed off to the nursery and grocery store while TSC did his varsity assignments, poor boy. I planted my new flower bed, did some veggie garden maintenance and worked on the mosaic mirror. We had a relaxed braai for late lunch and then headed off to church, which was great. So a good weekend, all in all.

Today I am online trying to find Halaal restaurants in our area. Why, you may ask? Well, TSC and I host a life group (small group) every week at our place. This term we asked our guys what they'd like to focus on, and one dude came up with the idea of studying other major world religions.

I think it's a great idea - as Christians we can be so quick to judge other faiths and I think it's a good chance to look for common ground and get some insight into what other people believe. So we started off with Islam last week, and we're continuing with that theme this week. TSC has asked his Muslim friend from varsity, K, to come and chat to the group about his faith and he's agreed.

I'm so keen to meet him and really excited that he's agreed to share his faith with us, but I need to figure out how to make him feel comfortable in our home and organise food that he can enjoy. I know the basics - no pork or alcohol to be served, no dogs to be present (dog saliva is considered extremely unclean), no physical contact between members of the opposite sex (so I should not hug him - must remember that), providing washroom facilities for wudu (ritual washing) and a clean, private space for prayer so on.

But I'm not sure how strict he is when it comes to food - he may be fine eating in our home or he may prefer that all utensils that have been used to prepare non-Halaal food be washed three times before being used, or he may prefer not to eat from pots that have been used to cook non-Halaal meat. So I figure that it may be easier to take him out for supper to a Halaal restaurant.

Anyone know of one? The only options I can seem to find are fast foods (not my thing) or Karma Nirvana in Fourways. And anyone have any other advice on how to make K feel at home?

Oh, and have a great week, all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good weekend - relaxing and fun. Definitely my kind of weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Growing up all my friends were indian, some muslim and it's okay to cook meat in a pan that has cooked other meat before, provided it was washed and no non-halaal meat was cooked in it since then. Also I had a few muslim guy friends at uni and hugging was fine with them! so the no physical contact thing isn't an issue, unless he's very strict about things.

Thomas said...

Um, I don't know uch about the Muslim faith but I do know that there's a great Halaal spot that does (classy) take out stuff in Woodmead close to where I work. If you want more details just drop me a mail:)

Hayley said...

Sounds like the most perfect weekend....

I agree, easier to go to a Halaal restuarant...I enjoying learning about other religions, its always amazes me at all the similarities.

dizzblnd said...

What a wonderful weekend! I think it is incredible for you all to expand your religious horizons. He was very gracious in accepting your invitation to speak to your group. This is a great idea

Being Brazen said...

sounds like a great weekend - also sounds like you got some nice V-day pressies ;-)

angel said...

it sounds awesome!

po said...

I cannot help. I have muslim relations but I am shamefully clueless. Sorry.

Wenchy said...

Lola Montez - I need an address :)

Tamara said...

Sleepy: Mine too.

Anon: Apparently he is very strict, but I guess I'll have to go with the flow when I meet him myself.

Tom: Ooooh! Off to mail you now.

Hayley: Me too - I mean we even have some of the same holy books.

dizzblnd: I hope so ;-)

Brazen: I did. So spoilt by my awesome man.

Angel: It was great ;-)

Po: You're forgiven, sweet seamonkey friend.

Wenchy: should eb on their website - left it on one of your posts.